How I Asked My Maid of Honor

Every Christmas, my entire family gets together and does a gift exchange. When we were younger, we would draw names out of a hat, and buy for that person. Now, we do more of a “white elephant” exchange, where everyone buys the best $10 gift they can get, and we pick and “steal.” My cousin Megan hands out a cards and then calls on specific cards, and that’s how we decide the order. After you are called, you either get to pick a gift, or “steal” one from someone that has already chosen.

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This year, when my cousin Haley’s card was called, I jumped up and assured her that she wanted to pick this gift. She had no idea what it was, and she thought I was jipping her out of a gift. I had all my cousins and aunt behind me chanting “pick that gift!”. Finally… she gave in and opened it up..

how i asked my maid of honor 2 will you be my maid of honor

Inside she was surprised with this note and jumped up to hug me. It was so special, and we got it on video.

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I picked this picture of when we were younger at Christmas time. This was taken during one of the old fashioned Christmas Exchanges, where you draw a name out of a hat and pick something special for that person. Clearly, I was excited to get Barbie (always!!)

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It really was better than Barbie 😉

I picked Haley because my whole life, growing up with two (wonderful) brothers, I still wanted someone to share clothes with, play Barbies with, and just be girly with. Haley was that Sister to me. She’s been there through all my life events. She witnessed everything, she’s been the best friend, and she’s been such a loving cousin. The first time I got saved, she was there (in Hume Lake). The first time I stepped foot back into Church (3 years ago), she was there. When I got baptized, she did too. Through everything, she’s been there. She deserves all the honor. Thank you Haley Sister for being such an amazing cousin, friend, Sister, companion, and soon to be maid-of-honor I could ever ask for!

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