How I Eat Healthy & Organic on a Budget

Good morning everyone!

A couple of weeks ago one of you asked if I would do a post on:

“how Marco and I eat healthy/Organic while on a budget.”

Today I’m going to share! Here’s the plan for this week:

  • Today: I’ll share my meal picks for the week + my grocery list with costs included.
  • Through the week: I’ll share my daily eats.
  • Friday: I’ll do a round-up post of everything combined + send out a post through e-mail on “Living A Fulfilling Life” (sign-up for that here).


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Healthy Hits the Spot Meal Ideas

Grocery List this week

Of course, I already had some things on hand, just like each of you will each week.

Things I had on hand



Marco and I budget $450 for groceries each month and $100 for eating out together. We usually come in under budget. Whenever I grocery shop, I try and hit under $100 (very rarely is our bill even more than $90). This leaves room for us to be able to run back to the store once during the week if we run out of something — usually, these are things like milk/eggs. This also leaves room for a fun trip to the store for ice cream or extra snacks that Marco wants for his lunch (this is only occasional).

By eating at home for most meals, we are able to save so much money. We choose Organic whenever it’s available. We use the clean 15 and dirty dozen list as well. I pretty much shop only at Trader Joe’s. I find that sticking to one main store helps me save money, too!

When I was living on my own, my groceries were about half this, and would only pick 2-3 meals for dinner. I live by IIN’s motto “cook once, eat twice” — or more than twice!

What do you guys spend in a month on groceries? How about eating out? 

If you’ve never looked try adding it up for one month by saving your receipts. You might be surprised!

Did you enjoy this post? Let me know!

Remember, I’ll be posting these meals “Daily Eats” style throughout the week, and then I’ll do an entire roundup on Friday.


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{This post was inspired by a reader seeing Cait’s Plate Healthy Eating on a Budget Posts and requesting that I do one like it}

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