How I Keep Feelin’ Good When Eating Out

Good morning everyone!

So, this weekend I found myself eating out quite a bit, so I wanted to post on how I stay feeling good, even when I’m eating out a lot!

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Saturday morning, my Dad and I went to a Step Class, and then to Brunch. My Step Class got cut short, because I was feelin’ quite a bit of Anxiety. I was attentive to my needs and after the Class I let myself have some chill time, and went for a walk with my Dad.

Honoring what my body needs helps me to trust myself and my intuition more.

At Brunch, I really wanted a Club Sandwich and fries, so that’s what I got. I added a side salad with balsamic and had water to drink. To keep it in line with what I need, I skipped the cheese, mayo, bleu cheese dressing, and cheddar cheese. Also, I saved half of the sandwich for Marco.

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After Brunch, I spent time on myself getting fully ready. This week is self-care week for my Health Coaching Clients. I’m doing it right alongside them!

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In the evening, Marco and I went on a date in Westlake Village. We went to Lorna Jane and got my Christmas Present, and then to Dinner at Lemonade. Yes, I know what my Christmas Present is – he wanted me to try it on 🙂 I can’t wait for Christmas 😉

Since I had listened to my body earlier in the day, and got exactly what I was craving, my body was craving something really healthy at dinner.

Sorry, you can’t really see this photo, but there is chicken and veggies, lentil salad, brussel sprouts, and kale salad. It was delicious!

photo 5

In the evening, I took tea (made at home, reused the cup), an organic apple, and water. This was perfect for a night snack since I had to stay up until midnight watching kids.


photo 1

Sunday, I allowed myself to not set an alarm, and just sleep as much as my body needed. Then, when I woke up around 9:00, I gave myself time to do whatever I wanted. I ended up getting really creative on my computer, and creating new things for Healthy Hits the Spot. This was fun for me, and really got my creative juices flowin’! It made me feel good!

Around 11:00, I had lentil soup. I wanted to wait for Marco to wake up to have breakfast (he worked at night).

photo 2

Around 1:00, we had breakfast together. Eggs and toast!

After breakfast, we spent time looking through snowboarding clothes and figuring out what we already have, and what we need. We are planning to go boarding on the 28th! I can’t wait!

photo 3

Around 5:00, I got really hungry, but didn’t want to eat anything big because I knew we were going on a date.

So, I made a green smoothie! Oh my gosh.. so good! Since my blender broke, I haven’t really had one!

photo 4

For date night, we went to Macaroni Grill. It was so freaking good! I didn’t expect it to be that good. We went there because we had a Giftcard. It was delicious.

photo 5  photo 2

These plates look huge, but they are actually very small. We got a 4 course dinner deal.

Started with a caesar salad, ate all of this.

photo 3

Next, we had little fried bread/cheese pieces with mozzarella, and I ate all three of mine.

photo 4

Next, the pasta with red sauce and basil/garlic came out, and then the chicken with potatoes. I saved almost 100% of this food for the next day. It was way too much for me. I stopped right when I was full, and my stomach allowed me to eat a few pieces of bread, my salad, my appetizer, and a few bites of chicken and pasta.

photo 5

When I listen to my body, stop when I am full, and get what I am craving, I am left feeling so satisfied!

If I ignore my body, and just try to get what I think will be best for me (but doesn’t actually sound good) I end up eating all of my food, feeling way too full, and usually not feeling good later.

After our Dinner date, we hung out with our Friends Rodney and Leah. We had so much fun. We saw Rondey’s new place (he has a crazy good view of Ventura) and walked Downtown. It felt good to move around and catch up with friends. Date night was a success!

Do you listen to your body when you eat out? If so, do you find that you can actually eat less, and feel more satisfied when you do? I’d love to hear from you!

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