How I Listen to MY Body

Good evening everyone! First of all, thanks to all who participated in yesterdays giveaway!

You guys have no idea how much I wish I could send EACH of you a whole box of Chobani! I had such a hard time choosing through reading the comments, that I decided to hop on google and use a random number generator.

Chenoa, the 24th person down, you are the winner! Please email me at 🙂

Okay, now onto today! I’m going to do this post more in terms of how I listened to my body today, so that you can all have an example of what I was talking about in Tuesdays post! I listen to hunger cues, craving cues, all of it! I try to only eat when I am hungry, but if I have a craving, I follow it so that I don’t get an even bigger craving later 🙂

Breakfast 8:40 am {hungry} 

Non-fat, plain, greek yogurt with raw organic agave, banana, and chunky almond butter

Bowl on the left, typical cereal bowl… bowl on the right, small bowl, perfect for the person who likes to eat more than 3 times a day… just cut your portions 🙂

Snack 12:10 {hungry! Needed this to tide me over until I went to buy my lunch at TJ’s}

Lunch 1:00 {not that hungry because of my LARABAR, but ready to enjoy my tofu rolls}

So good!

Petite Treat right after {wanted something small and a little sweet}

Rice pudding

Ella and I hungout all day, mostly reading books and making up stories

Snack 2:15 {not hungry, just a craving for the chicken pot pie I made for the fam last night at my nanny job. So, what do I do in this situation? “NO! That’s bad!” Noo… I say, “Okay, if you’re craving this, go ahead and have a little portion. Afterall, if you’re not hungry and it’s only a craving, a couple bites will satisfy you just as much as a full portion}

I sit down, eat slow, think about what I’m eating, and enjoy the flavors. Then my craving is satisfied 🙂

Snack 3:45 {beginning feelings of hunger}

One bag of raw almonds + 1 strip of dried mango

Dinner 4:45 {not hungry yet, but going out for the evening, so I needed to eat before I went}

Open faced sandwich with toasted sourdough, a little bit of mayo + mustard, turkey, avocado, tomato, & lettuce. Sooooo crispy/crunchy and good!

Definitely satisfying!

Okay, so do you guys kinda see how I do it? I have natural human cravings just like everyone else, and I really do allow myself to satisfy them. Can you image what would have happened to me at dinner tonight if I wouldn’t have satisfied those cravings? I would have gone nuts and probably enjoyed a bag of chips + ice cream with it! Just sayin… Because of my snackins, I was perfectly fine with just having an open faced sandwich for dinner, and not a whole mexican food entree 😉

Listen to your body, and do not be afraid. You will naturally need more one day, and less the next. On Saturday and Sunday when I am out having fun and I am totally stress free, not working, and just having a good time, I naturally feel like I need less. I would love every day to be like this, but it’s just not, and I’m okay with this. You see what I mean? Be nice to yourself, and trust your body to make it’s own good decisions! 🙂

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