How I Want To Upgrade The Blog + Birthday Pics

Morning beauties. How’d you sleep? I slept like a rock last night after a special day full of birthday love. Thank you guys so much for the birthday comments on insta, FB, and the blog yesterday. You really know how to show a girl love!

Paige's 24th Birthday - 1 of 15

The day started with a short little gym sesh just for me. I’d asked myself Monday night what would make my birthday feel special and my though process went like this: a morning workout, a soy latte from Starbucks, and breakfast with Marco before starting work.

Breakfast was over-medium eggs all chopped up with toast. The toast is a little burnt, isn’t it? Haha, at least it still tasted yummy!

Paige's 24th Birthday - 2 of 15

As I was working through my morning Marco brought me flowers and a card that said “I hope this is your best year yet. Actually, it will be. I’ll make sure of it!” Sweet, right? Do you think he knows I take those words to heart? #nopressure 😉

Paige's 24th Birthday - 3 of 15

For lunch, Marco’s family took us to Luna Red. For the first time I ordered off the small plates menu. Normally I don’t because I’m always nervous I’ll be hungry after.

Paige's 24th Birthday - 4 of 15

I ordered three small plates, and they were fun to try! I wasn’t full after, but I was satisfied.

Small plate #1: bacon wrapped dates

Paige's 24th Birthday - 5 of 15

Small plate #2: pepper stuffed with herbed chèvre, breadcrumb, and parsley oil

Paige's 24th Birthday - 6 of 15

Small plate #3: short rib taco with chimichurri, salsa criolla, and queso fresco

Paige's 24th Birthday - 7 of 15

For dessert, Marcos aunts ordered this… Oh jeeze, I can’t remember the name… Ha! I think it was some sort of apple tart, but super sweet and buttery. I had a bite to top off my meal. Super yummy!

Paige's 24th Birthday - 8 of 15

When I got home, I got back to work for a few hours. This is my new whiteboard, by the way. Ever since I was a little one I’ve always LOVED big white boards. Anyone else? The quote you see says “refuse any other outcome, if someone else can do it, you can too!”

While I’m absolutely flexible with the direction of my life, I keep this quote up to remind me that if there’s something I want to do/be/etc… I can!

You guys should see the board now… It’s FULL of new ideas for the blog, which I’ll mention at the end of this post, because I would LOVE your input. Seriously though, it would be so helpful!

Paige's 24th Birthday - 9 of 15

Marco’s grandma also brought this book up for me. We bought it together at B&N, and now I have it back in my hands to go through. Love love love it. I already did one post with some tips from the book. I can’t wait to do more – that is, if you guys want to see more on organizing.

Paige's 24th Birthday - 10 of 15

In between my clients sessions for the day I got hungry. So, with 5-minutes to spare between sessions, I ran to the kitchen, filled up my tea, took this photo, and then only had time for about two chips and guac. Haha! Real life blogging.

Paige's 24th Birthday - 11 of 15

I ended work just after 4:00 when Marco and I jumped in the car to drive to Cambria to meet up with his family at the Cambria Pines Lodge. When we got there, Marcos grandpa ordered me a Lemon Drop birthday cocktail. My favorite!

Paige's 24th Birthday - 12 of 15

For dinner I had breaded chicken piccata with rice pilaf and asparagus. I also had a few little pieces of bread and butter. This chicken piccata was good, but I’m really not a fan of breaded things. Other than say, fish and chips. I would much much much rather it be lemony/buttery without the breading.

Paige's 24th Birthday - 13 of 15

After dinner, we drove up the HWY 1 to Centrally Grown, one of my favorite places. I couldn’t wait to show it to Marco. We didn’t stay long, as we were just looking around, but I did manage to get a couple photos! This is Marco and his grandpa, who was also his best man at our wedding (and really, who is his BEST MAN – they’re buds).

On our way up to Big Sur this weekend – by the way, thank you guys SO MUCH for your recommendations for SF, my list of things to do is long! – I think we’ll stop by during daylight so Marco can see the beautiful views. I’ll be sure to take photos!

Paige's 24th Birthday - 14 of 15

And here is Marco and I in front of Centrally Grown. The whole place looks like one huge treehouse! I love this guy…

Paige's 24th Birthday - 15 of 15

Now this AM I woke up fully rested, made a pot of coffee, spend some time in my bible, and now I’m chatting with all of you (thanks for being here!).

So, here’s what’s going on with that big ol’ whiteboard. Brainstorming! Today I have a meeting with the designer for my blog who I love! Before my meeting, I’d really like your help.

Here’s what’s in my mind (and all over that new whiteboard). Starting now and well into 2016, I want to:

  • reach more women (anytime you share with your friends, you’re helping me)
  • create deeper relationships with all of you and new women who come here
  • give the blog a little facelift (which is what I’m talking to the designer about!) so that it feels so good for you to show up here and share this place with your friends
  • post a little less frequently, and focus more on bringing you fun/relatable/valuable content

Now, I’m not married to any of these ideas or desires, they’re simply just what’s on my heart as the girl behind HHS – I’m just like you, just behind a desk, sharing my life through this site! I of course, like any other blogger, want this to be a place that you LOVE when you show up.

So, here’s what would be SO helpful to learn from you! If you can answer ANY of these questions for me in the comments, it would be so helpful!

Things to think about and help me with:

  • How many days per week do you actually sit down to read your favorite blogs? I’d say about 3 years ago, blogging was HUGE! People sat down to read and comment EVERY DAY. Now, I’d say it’s more like 2-3 time per week and people comment a little less. What about you? What do you do?
  • What posts would you miss so much if they were to disappear? What do you love coming here for?
  • What could improve about my site to make navigating or reading easier on YOU?
  • Is there anything that I’m not currently doing that you would be happy if I started doing? New ideas that you guys have that I haven’t thought of?
  • Are you a creative? I want to create a style board for my blog, and would love your input on colors, fonts, appearance, etc! What colors remind you of HHS? I’m going to talk about this with my designer today, but if you have input, please let me know!

I want to keep HHS real, personal, and valuable, and also improve on each of these areas. So, if you’re willing to share any insight with me, seriously, I’d so appreciate it! Thank you girls – you’re generous with your time, and I’m so thankful for that!

By the way, if you’re reading from bloglovin’ I know it can be inconvenient to leave a comment. So, if you wouldn’t mind, I’d love if you’d jump on over to your email and share any thoughts you might have for me – ways to improve, things you love, etc… (

Thank you thank you thank you!

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