How Long Does It Take To Master Intuitive Eating?

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Every once in a while, I share a ‘VIP Q+A email’ which I’ve sent out, here on the blog. I send these emails out every other Thursday to my private email list only, which you can get on by entering your name & email literally anywhere on the blog (you’ll even get some free gifts!).

In each email, I answer a question that a reader has sent in. Last week, the question was: “How long did it take you to fully ‘master’ intuitive eating? Did you continue to have binges every now and then when you first starting eating intuitively?”

So, today I’ll share my answer to that question here with all of you! To make sure you get future ‘VIP Q+A emails’ from me, enter your name & email anywhere on the blog. 


So, to answer this readers question…

First, I’m going to share that there is no finish line with intuitive eating.

We’re always learning, usually improving (sometimes not – this is okay), and the biggest thing I want you to take away, we’re never failing.

A huge belief we have in Finally Free (our virtual/online intuitive eating program) is that there’s no such thing as failure, only feedback. Every experience is giving us more feedback for what does/doesn’t work well for us.

I wrote an entire blog post on this topic here, which you can save to read later.

That said, I know what this reader is asking, because when I first started eating intuitively I wondered the SAME thing.

I would say it took me about 2 years to get really comfortable and feel really safe with intuitive eating.

Before that about-two-year point, there were several times where I revisited diets disguised as “healthy eating plans.” I’d revisit the diets out of fear, usually in moments of “is eating this way really okay? Maybe I need more structure.”

It was in these return-to-dieting moments where I was always reminded why I didn’t want to diet anymore:

  • diets led to binge eating
  • diets led to focusing more on food and less on life
  • diets stole my joy, never gave me more of it
  • diets reminded me why I wanted to listen to my body – I wanted to be in a place where I felt calm around food and my body, and trusted myself SO BAD

Regarding binge eating… I would only binge when food rules (or dieting) would set in (sometimes without me even noticing).

What I’ve learned, and what I personally teach my clients, is that when we remove ALL restriction and KNOW that we can have any food, anytime, there is NO room left for binge eating.

If there is (aka, we’re about to binge), then we’re PROBABLY still depriving ourselves in some way, and we need to check-in.

If you reflect and find that you’re truly NOT depriving yourself of the foods you want to binge on, then reflect: What else is the binge doing FOR you?

  • Is it helping you to escape an uncomfortable feeling?
  • Is it helping you to pass the time?
  • Is it giving you a break from something that’s boring you or you’re ready to be done with (example: studying, homework, and unpleasant work assignment)?
  • Is it a reaction to not having boundaries or being able to say no to something?

There are plenty of things we can explore around binge eating, and we talk about many more of these areas in our Finally Free sessions & live group coaching calls.

If you want to dig even deeper, Simi & I made you a Free 3-Part Intuitive Eating Video Series where we cover the following topics:

  • How to go to the beach without wanting someone else’s body
  • How to go out for Italian food without eating the entire bread basket
  • How to actually eat intuitively for more than three days

If these videos sound great to you, grab them for free here:

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Want even more support around learning to listen to and trust your own body?

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Love to you all!


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