How Long Have You Spent Wanting?

How Long Have You Spent Wanting?

There are a couple types of people:

Those who insatiably want and act impulsively on those wants repeatedly… therefore living in a constant state of wanting, getting, and not enjoying…

And then there are those who wait… and wait… and wait… and SOMETIMES get what they want… but more often than not spend much of their life wanting a thing, thinking about it, and not actually moving into action around it.

There’s also the person that lives right in the middle of these two… and that’s sort of the ultimate goal here. To want long enough to appreciate it when you get there… but not act so fast that you’re being impulsive.

Today I’m speaking to those of us who wait, and wait, and wait.

We spend forever waiting for the thing we want but not taking action.

We come up with reasons to not have it.

We’re too old. It’s too late. One day. Not yet. Not now. Maybe later.

What is something you really WANT?

I like to look at wants in terms of BE, DO, or HAVE…

What do you want to be, do, or have?

The biggest question of all is are you WILLING to be, do, or have it?

What would it actually mean to have the thing?

Why are you holding yourself back?

If you’d like some more inspiration on this topic, listen to this weeks podcast episode that is sure to leave you inspired.

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If you’ve spent a long time wanting something instead of actually having or creating it… you’ll love this episode.

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