How Procrastination and Waiting Can Lead to Emotional Eating

In Paige Schmidt's Coaching With Women, She Often Finds One Common Denominator With Emotional Eating. She's Sharing it With You Now.

Many of you know about the work that I do with my clients to help them have a happier relationship with food. One that removes fear, empowers them to make choices that help them to feel good and live a life free from obsession.

Emotional eating is a topic that comes up with nearly every client.

In my work with these women, I see a common denominator with emotional eating and I want to share that with you today.

Often, emotional eating is tied to procrastination and/or waiting.

A client finds herself eating…

  • when she’s waiting for the workday to be over
  • when she’s putting off doing a stressful assignment
  • when she doesn’t know what to make for dinner
  • when the house needs to be cleaned but she’s exhausted
  • when she feels totally unorganized and doesn’t know where to start

When we look deeper into each of these examples there’s usually some sort of procrastination (meaning, my client could take SOME action but usually doesn’t know where to start) or “waiting” going on.

THIS is where I find most “emotional” eating going on. That is, simply eating outside of hunger in a way that doesn’t satisfy or feel good.

Some people argue that ALL eating is emotional and sure, I agree with that and think it’s okay (food should be celebrated!) but for this post I’m talking about that emotional eating many of you struggle with that DOESN’T feel so good.

Questions for you to reflect on:

  • When do you struggle MOST with emotional eating? What’s going on?
  • Can you tie those moments to a common denominator of putting something off or waiting?
  • What are you trying to avoid in those moments? Or, what has you procrastinating?

How can you find more peace in the waiting or more of an action plan around NOT procrastinating?

As a first step, start keeping track of these moments from a place of CURIOSITY, not judgement.

If you’re interested in having your own coach (woot-woot!) book an initial call on this page. I’d love to help you in this area!

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