How to Be Healthy While Eating with Your Boyfriend/Fiancé/Husband

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Kelly’s Question: “How do you eat with a boyfriend/fiancé/husband? My boyfriend is all about the pizza and it makes it hard to listen to my body.”

I answer her question in the Video, from my own experience. Let’s help Kelly out by posting in the comments below how YOU eat with your boyfriend/fiance/husband. What do you find challenging, and how do you solve those challenges?


Marco: Haagen-Dazs kinda guy

Me: talenti kina girl

cooking with husband

Most often, he’ll eat the same as me, because he likes my cooking. I try and add tons of flavor!



dinners with boyfriend



Oh, but like… here… Different!

I know he doesn’t like regular quesadillas. So, I was craving a quesadilla, and I was totally fine with making Marco a regular one. I’m not going to make myself a regular one unless that’s what I want. I knew I wanted one that was more like Natures Grill. Mmmm mmmmm good!

So, tell us! How do YOU eat with your boyfriend/fiance/husband? What do you find challenging, and how do you solve those challenges?

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