How to Begin Questioning More (& How This Can Help You)

Paige Schmidt | The Benefits of Questioning

Last week in Authentically You (this is my group program, and enrollment is currently closed because we’re in session – don’t worry, I’ll be opening up enrollment as an eCourse in November!) we focused on *listening to your inner guide.* One of the steps in this session, was to begin to practice “questioning” desires that come up versus automatically assuming they are right for you.

Allow me to explain…

In a session with one of my one on one clients this week, she shared the difference between hearing from her mind vs. her gut. Her mind is “questionable” and her gut (or inner-guide, intuition, spirit, etc…) “feels right.”

This is exactly what we’re getting at with beginning to question our urges/desires. 

When you see someone else doing something or you see something online that looks awesome, questioning before you jump all over it. Checking-in with yourself FIRST to find out if it’s right for YOU.

Sure, your best friend is doing yoga and it looks AWESOME, but do you really want to do yoga 6x per week? Maybe, maybe not. It’s worth questioning before you commit to it, only to find out three weeks later that you’re doing something that you really don’t care about.

We don’t want to waste our energies or attention like that…

This is how I’ve often felt with running. I’ve always thought runners were really cool and can’t tell you how many plans I used to make to “commit to running” and “make myself a runner.” Until it finally got the point where I said “If I want to run, I will. Otherwise, I don’t need to keep forcing this thing that I really don’t care about.” 

Point is… there are a so many cool/wonderful things out there in the world that we could be all-over, all of the time. Not partaking in all of these things doesn’t mean that they’re not cool, or that they’re bad, it just means not for me, or not right now. 

Questioning sounds like: “I just saw someone walking down the street dressed in a fur coat and boots. That’s cute. I should wear a fur coat and boots. Wait. Should I really? Do I really care about this? Or can I just appreciate that this looked really great on her?” 


And if you decide “I really want to wear a fur coat and boots – so glad I just got that idea from someone else!” then, great! Go out and get your fur coat and boots. The point is, you checked in with yourself, and now you know you’re doing something you truly want. Something that is worth giving your energy to.

Questioning is great for several reasons:

  • It opens you up to become more of who you are (hence the “Authentically You” title and why we’re working on this in my program)
  • It allows you to focus on the most important things
  • It crowds out thinking you should do a bunch of things that really don’t matter to you which allows you to create space for the things that really do matter to you
  • It allows you make your YES’S mean YES, and your NO’S mean NO (meaning, you can say yes or no and be okay with that!)

So, ladies. Where in your life will you begin to question more? Can you relate to this topic? I’d love to hear.

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