How to STOP Calorie Counting Without Gaining Weight

…it’s safe to say that for most this is the number one fear when ditching counting, right?

For some, you’ve been counting calories, you’re losing weight, but now you’re feeling trapped.

For some, you’ve been trying to lose weight, and calorie counting is not working (for any number of reasons).

For some, you need to gain weight.

Personally, I was all three. At first, I was counting and losing weight. This was fine. Then, I got to a place where I felt like trapped. I felt that I couldn’t control my weight without the calorie counting. Then I hit a place where I needed to gain weight. I did, but still used my calorie counter. I felt stuck. I often thought: “How will I ever stop this?” When I tried giving up calorie counting on my own, my weight felt uncontrollable, and I felt uncomfortable. For a couple years after, I tried to count calories to lose weight again. It was not working. Mostly, because I felt so conflicted.

I wanted to feel comfortable. I thought calories counting was the only way to do that. But I had a major conflicting desire: at the same time I wanted DEEPLY to be SET FREE from counting. I had gotten a little taste of what it was like to NOT count, and I did NOT want to go back. I resisted it all the time. Deleting my app, and uploading it again. Deleting & uploading.

I wanted to give it up AND I wanted to feel GOOD in my body.

I just had no idea how to make this happen.

Paige Schmidt | How to Get Off Calorie Counting Without Gaining Weight

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Today, I can thankfully say that I am at a healthy, natural weight, I am completely set free from counting, and I love my relationship with food – I have so much fun with food! I get excited to try new things, to feel treated, to eat rich, satisfying, fancy foods, to share dessert, and to experiment in the kitchen. I am no longer afraid of food. I no longer see food as something that stands in my way. 

“So what did you change to get there?”…you ask. Well, here is a list of the things that are different for me today, 5+ years AWAY from counting:

  • I don’t weigh myself
  • I can stop before cleaning my plate at a restaurant
  • I can eat leftovers the next day
  • I can share my food
  • I eat rich, full of flavor foods
  • I don’t fear the fat, carbs, or sugars
  • I enjoy my food!
  • I get EXCITED about what I’m going to eat each day
  • I have days where I don’t think about this (^) at all
  • I am able to spend my time/headspace thinking about the things that really fulfill me
  • I am able to help others to do the same!
  • I eat three meals a day + snacks when I am hungry
  • I listen to my body & answer (most of the time) to her signals
  • I am not perfect – and count that as a blessing
  • I feel confident, happy, free to express myself, and happy to be me
  • I feel that I have a bigger place in the world
  • I’m healthier, I rarely catch a cold, I feel strong, and more alive
  • I no longer fear being trapped by a diet (feeling unsure how I’ll ever get out)
  • I talk about my feelings, I’m more open, I’m more honest, I’m more caring
  • I’m able to focus so much more on others (I never realized how self-consumed I was when I dieted)
  • I feel joy & gratitude in my bones – at times, it gives me the chills
  • I rid myself from constant anxiety and panic attacks
  • I spend time on myself first thing in the day
  • I spend more time talking to God, trusting Him, and believing in the goodness of life
  • I feel free from needing to judge myself against others, I am happy to be me
  • I can go to dinners, parties, and family gatherings without worrying for hours about the food beforehand
  • I am constantly able to go after my passions, because my faith has multiplied tenfold

Like I said, I tried many times on my own, and it was SO hard. I didn’t have dependable support. I was too stuck in my own head, story, and fear. I had to have outside support that I could rely one. Once I finally had this support, it opened my eyes, gave me perspective, helped me to keep my eyes on my goal, and eventually come out on a straight path heading forward. Ah, the relief and LIFE that this brought.

I want this for you, too, if you’re feeling stuck. I would love to talk about being that support for you. Stick your name & email here.

Let me be extra clear with you on how I felt when I was stuck.

I felt that there were no healthy examples who SHARED their story with me.

I had no one to look up to – most people I knew were either unhealthy and not dieting or unhealthy and dieting. It was rare that I met someone who seemed healthy and did NOT believe in dieting.

It is now my mission to be that example.

My thoughts sounded like:

“I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get out of this.”

“I don’t even know where to start…this is so overwhelming.”

“These numbers are so engrained in my mind, how will I ever forget them?”

“I know other people have had success ending dieting/calorie counting, but I am SO AFRAID that I will be the exception.”

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I can sit here today and tell you that as much as I believed I was the exception, I was NOT. Today, I am genuinely happy & healthy and not dieting. If you can relate to me, and feel that I’d be a good breaking-ground for you and your own journey, please, stick your name & email here and I’ll contact you right away.

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