How to Get Unstuck

Today we are talking about the power of acknowledging shame thoughts in order to move forward and stop feeling stuck. This blog post (and corresponding podcast episode) will help you get “unstuck” and you’ll walk away with practical tools to make living in alignment with your desired self a bit more easy!

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There is SUCH power in accepting yourself, the situation you are in, and the feelings that you have about those things. Say to yourself, “It is what it is, right now.” Having this acceptance mindset doesn’t mean you are accepting your circumstance or thoughts will always be this way. But rather, this mindset is the very thing that will allow you to move forward, finally.

Let me explain.

Have you ever had thoughts that “you shouldn’t have”? Thoughts that made you cringe, “Oh, man. I would be so embarrassed if someone knew I felt that way or did that.” I think the majority of people can relate to that above sentence, at some point in their life.

But then have you ever EXPRESSED those embarrassing or shameful thought to someone? Perhaps a Life Coach or a therapist? Or a friend? Or to your journal? Or to God? And felt the delicious RELEASE that comes from finally voicing the shameful thing you’ve been feeling or thinking or doing?

The first step to getting “unstuck” is truly accepting where you are right now, the “you” that is you right now. When you are honest with yourself or someone who is safe to tell, you can then practice self forgiveness, heal and start making new choices.

Ask yourself, “what is something that will move me forward to my desired self by 1%? That kind of direction turn is STILL a direction turn! And it’s sooo doable! If your next step has to take you 50% further down the road to the version of you that you long for, that can be overwhelming and even paralyzing for any action taking. Right?

So take small steps. Small steps are not lesser steps. They still produce great change!

How do you feel right now in your life? In your body? In your mind? In your career? In your various relationships (with people, yourself, social media, food, money etc.)? Be very truthful with yourself and voice or write down the actual thoughts you have in your brain.

Change will be triggered once you do this. It’s incredible!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How a friend recently helped me by holding space for MY true feelings
  • How to ditch shame and that “stuck” feeling so you can start making changes to live the life you crave
  • The power of accepting you are an imperfect human and won’t always get it right

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