How To Go To The Beach Without Wanting Someone Else’s Body (& Other Feel-Good Tips)

Last week while I was with Simi in Ohio, we made 3 new free bonus videos on a few of the most common things we hear women struggling with around intuitive eating: comparison, calmness, and consistency.

Paige Schmidt & Simi Botic | Healthy Hits the Spot | How To Go To The Beach Without Wanting Someone Else's Body (& Other Feel-Good Tips)

And we had a lot of fun while we were doing it! (We’re all about making all this food/body stuff EASE-ier)

We hope these 3 free videos are SO valuable for you and give you more freedom, joy, and ease around food and in your life – this is our hope for every single one of you, and our mission together in Finally Free Program!

VIDEO #1 – How to go to the beach without wanting someone else’s body

In this video we talk about how to move away from comparing your body to other women’s bodies, and bring the focus back to yourself so you can focus on taking care of yourself and feeling good. This video will allow you to get into your bikini or go to the beach with more freedom and have fun like we know you want to! Think: laughing on the beach versus stressing over stomach rolls.

VIDEO #2 – How to go out for Italian food without eating the entire bread basket

In this video we talk about how to go out to eat with a mindset of calmness. One that allows you to show up to a restaurant feeling very present so you can enjoy your time and not be thinking about the food the whole time. We’ve both been there, and know exactly what it feels like to be distracted by food (not fun!).

VIDEO #3 – How to actually eat intuitively for more than three days 

In our final video we talk about how to eat intuitively consistently versus doing really well listening to your body for a few days, and then hopping right back to dieting or over-eating. We share our steps to eating intuitively on a consistent basis so you can feel your best, find freedom with food, and add more joy to your life. We want this for you! (We’ll also teach you how there’s no such thing as failure here, only feedback – we love learning from our experiences instead of judging ourselves for them!)

If you’d like to see our 3 videos, watch them now for free here:

I hope you love the videos & that they are SO valuable for you! If they ARE so helpful, would you please share them with a girlfriend? Our community is growing and we have all of YOU to thank for spreading our message.

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Love, Paige

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