How to Handle Desserts During the Holiday Season

Good morning everyone! Wow, today is so busy. Getting this post in before I head out to pick up my Fresh Picks Produce Box (will post on this tomorrow) and then coming back home to work. This evening, we are going to our Wedding Venue for a Bridal Event! excited! 🙂



6:45 woke up

8:00 green smoothie


10:00 buckwheat waffles with grade B maple syrup + 2 eggs


11:00 GYM

12:30 fruit plate shared with Marco while I was cooking tons of food for the week (mostly for him).


2:00 bok choy with brown rice and a veggie patty

photo 1

3:30 chai tea latte for her and a hot chocolate for him

photo 2

4:30 dinner with his family on Veterans Day! So yummy… Baked potato with quinoa and veggies + tri-tip.

photo 3

Holy cow… I had to post their bunny brownie… Look how cute he is! Marco’s little cousins love him and take such good care of him. I swear, he’s like the family dog! He’s so cute and playful too.

photo 4

For dessert around 5:30 I had a small slice of pumpkin pie with one scoop of coffee ice cream

I ate slowly and totally enjoyed this dessert. I had it with a cup of decaf coffee 🙂

As the Holidays are approaching, I know many of you are getting nervous about how much food will be around. One suggestion I have is to choose to have the dessert when you really want it. I am offered dessert probably every single day, and I am sure you are too. Do I have it every time I’m offered? No, because I wouldn’t feel good and having dessert everyday would go against the definition of a treat.

  1. 1.
    an event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure.

I like to enjoy my dessert when I know I’ll be satisfied by just enough (not the whole pie), when I am in good company, when I know I can eat it slowly, and when there is decaf Coffee around to go with it 🙂



6:45 woke up

8:30 Green smoothie


11:30 cereal with cut up strawberries and home made almond milk

photo 5

1:30 Chai tea date with Jade 🙂

3:30 GYM


4:30 Dinner at Urbane Cafe with my Marco. Our fridge was empty, and Urbane sounded like the worlds best meal. I chose a chicken sandwich this time, and it was incredible. So satisfying and held me through the rest of the night.

Alrighty guys! I am off to pick up my Fresh Picks box and then back to work 🙂 Have a great day!

Love, Paige

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