How To: Not Feel Bad After A Scroll Through Instagram

Today we’re chatting instagram, and what to do with your feed to avoid feeling bad after an evening scroll.

I know I’m not the only one who’s cozied up on instagram only to feel worse after 20 minutes passing…

What’s wrong? Why am I feeling down? Why am I doubting my [insert anything on instagram here: body; business; fashion sense; house; life…]? How do I somehow feel less significant than I did before I got on my phone?


One morning a while back, I used one of the workouts from my instagram feed.

This was the first time I’d ever actually used a workout from this particular girls account…

I reflected for a moment, as I sat there suddenly excited about her account (fun, at home workouts with her adorable baby girl) feeling excited to check back for more fun, at-home workouts later. I’d never felt like this about her account before. To be honest, before this there were plenty of times I felt like unfollowing this account.

So often we just follow people to gawk at there photos & videos, but never use the inspiration they’re putting out.

I have a huge appreciation for people who are more creative than me, or creative in other ways than I am. Instagram (same with Pinterest) can be a place to go for a spark in our creativity and fresh ideas.

But there’s a catch… we usually only experience this positive side of instagram if we’re getting inspiration, and then actually using it in our own lives. 

For example, seeing:

  • a cute outfit, and using that photo as inspiration for what we can do with something we own;
  • someone on vacation, and letting that inspire us to plan our own trip with someone we love;
  • someone lounging away, while we’re having a busy workweek. Perhaps we can allow this to remind us that it’s okay to take a break every once in a while, and maybe we’re due;
  • an at home workout, which we can use to change up our exercise routine and make it more fun!

There’s a reason we follow the accounts we follow, and that isn’t just because we want to see what everyone else is doing. We actually want a little taste of the inspiration other people are putting out in our own lives. And that’s totally OK! It’s not bad to share inspiration/ideas with one another.

So, here’s what I’m doing, and what you can choose to do as well if it feels right:

  • I’m keeping the accounts which I get inspiration from and use in my own life.
  • I’m keeping the accounts that allow me to feel GOOD after scrolling through.
  • I’m keeping the accounts that give me business ideas.
  • I’m filling my insta-feed with what I want to fill my mind with.
  • I’m keeping the friends and family I’d like to keep up with and the friends + few bloggers whose lives I’m genuinely interested in (usually I know them personally, or have connected with them a little more than just reading – email, phone, comments, etc…).
  • I’m unfollowing the accounts that I feel “icky” after scrolling through.
  • I’m unfollowing any accounts that make me feel like somehow, where I am right now, is not enough.
  • I’m cleaning house, like Marie Kondo says (I haven’t read the book yet, but I did read this post), and asking myself “does this bring me joy?” I’m keeping the accounts that do, and unfollowing the ones that don’t.

So I’m curious, share with me…

What kind of accounts make you feel good, and what is it about certain instagram accounts that make you feel less satisfied than you were before you logged on?

I would love if you’d share this post with your friends if you found it encouraging :).



And of course, if you want to start building a more positive social media community, specifically this summer (where our insta feeds can be FULL of overwhelming photos), you can join us in Self-Love Summer.


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