how to pack dinner babysitting (or work)

Good morning!

Breakfast yesterday: cereal + raisins, banana & almond milk

I mixed Bran Flakes and Sunrise Crunchy Maple (this ones a treat!)

Lunch: healthy vegan nacho’s + side salad w/ sesame soy ginger dressing (trader joes- delish!)

Sweet potato chips, quinoa, Daiya (vegan) pepper jack cheese, pico de gallo, hot sauce, avocado… mmmm! So good!

To take babysitting (3-10pm): brown rice, sweet potato soup, avocado, apple, strawberries

I ate all but the strawberries. I think this is a great example of a healthy meal to pack for babysitting! Super healthy, super delicious, and enough food to keep you eating your own food (and not food from the houses you babysit at)

I made the sweet potato soup by blending together my leftover veggies from a few days ago. I boiled almond milk, added some honey, added the sweet potato puree, and lastly added in some leftover quinoa I had in the fridge. I let boil for maybe 10 minutes, and then left on LOW heat for about an hour. Delish!



Drinking water like a champ!

Bike riding

(Pretend) painting

Snack: apple + organic PB

Next babysitting job- what a cutie!

And sweet big sis 🙂

Dinner: brown rice, soy sauce & avo + a side of 1 cup homemade sweet potato soup

After the kido’s went to sleep, it was all school work and planning for me! Oh, and a cup of lemon ginger tea with honey 🙂

Holistic Health Counseling, here I come!

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