How to Pack for LONG Workdays

In my Health Coaching Program, one thing I often get asked is “how do I eat healthy when I’m away from home all day?” Hey ladies, I can relate! You can do it!

Here are my main tips:

  • Get a great lunchpail
  • Get great tupperware
  • Get a Blender Bottle
  • Prepare the night before if you have a tight morning
  • Think simply! Don’t over work yourself with crazy recipes


In the morning, I always make a Green Smoothie. Whether I have it for breakfast, or later in the day is up to me. I use my Blender Bottle to take smoothies with me. Once my smoothie is gone, I fill it up with water for the rest of the day.


Pack enough food for options!

In yesterdays lunch I packed:

  • Lentils & bruschetta with half an avocado
  • A coconut Larabar
  • Just Mango slices
  • Organic Hummus w/ Organic raw broccoli
  • Trail mix
  • Green smoothie
  • Apple & Peanut butter (not pictured- packed it after the photo, whoops!)

Did I eat all of this? No. BUT, I had options to choose from between 8am and 4:30pm

IMG_4455.JPG photo IMG_4458.JPG

When I got home from my busy day, I had to continue working in my Office until 8pm. When I got a break, I heated up some lentil soup and added another half an avo to the top. Perfect!

I eat every 2-3 hours and I always choose something small and healthy. This keeps me satisfied and comfortable all day.


Today I packed even more, because I’m going to be gone from 10am-10pm. Yep!

  • Coffee + almond milk and agave (I reuse my cups)
  • Lentils + Bruschetta with half an avo
  • Another half an avo
  • Lentil soup leftover from the night before
  • Trail mix
  • Blueberries
  • Apple + PB (pb backed after the photo)
  • Coconut Larabar
  • Just mango slices
  • Green Smoothie (for breakfast, not pictured)
  • Salad with mandarin oranges and pine nuts + homemade dressing


I just bought this perfect lunchpail yesterday from Target. My other one finally ripped after being used daily for over a year (it was only $3.00 from TJ’s). I love this new one! I believe it was $12-$14 from Target… it has lots of room, it’s double insulated, and with a good icepack my food stays cool for the whole day 🙂

What are your favorite things to pack for a long day at work?


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