How to Recover After an Indulgent Weekend

Good-morning girls!

I realize that you all see my weekday eats frequently, but it’s rare that you see what I eat on the weekend (unless you follow me on instagram and I post a picture). By the way, the only reason for this is because the weekend is often a time that I take a break from photographing all of my food to avoid burnout – it’s a way that I stay balanced. Although every weekend is totally different, I figured today would be a good Monday to chat about the weekend, since this one was a little more indulgent.

I get a lot of questions about how to “bounce back” after an indulgent weekend.

Let’s look at a dieters mindset vs. an intuitive eaters mindset & how they might view recovering:

  • Dieter’s Mindset: the mindset/thinking of someone who is dieting might feel tense/anxious after an indulgent weekend. You might feel distracted thinking about getting back to healthy eating, constantly planning out your next “better” move. Often, the dieter would have had a more indulgent weekend than the intuitive eater because of black/white thinking. Once indulged in one indulgent dessert/meal over the weekend, there would be a sense of “lost-control” and an urge to “just go for it” and “be better Monday.” The dieters mind might be worried about weight gain/how they’ve disrupted there diet. In turn, they would start planning what they will do to “make up” for the weekend. Ever felt this? Maybe you’re feeling this now? I absolutely have!
  • Intuitive/Normal Eaters Mindset: the mindset of someone who has broken up with dieting for good would feel much more calm. The intuitive eater would feel aware that they had heavier foods over the weekend by the way their body feels. They might feel their body guiding them back to (or craving) more nourishing foods. They would recognize this and plan to incorporate foods over the course of the next week that would help them feel balanced, while knowing that they can also have an indulgent food if a craving for that food hits (it’s not only one or the other). They would trust their bodies to guide them to balance. They are focused on what will make them feel good, listening to what their body is telling them, and following their IE voice with a calm mindset crowding out any guilty feelings.

This is of course, my own opinion from what I’ve seen in my own life and in the lives of those who I’ve been blessed to work with.

aubrey thomas and paige schmidt

My Weekend:

Our friend Aubrey and her son Tyeson came up this weekend, and we had so much fun with them! Before they came up, we had planned two places to take them: Firestone Grill & Splash Cafe.


  • Aubrey and Tye got here around 6:30 & we walked to dinner at Firestone Grill
  • Here, I ordered a Kid’s Cheeseburger (1/3 lb. burger with lettuce, tomato, and onion) and we all shared a basket of fries
  • After dinner, we walked around town a bit and got Tyeson & Marco chocolate shakes (I had a sip of M’s)
  • To end the night, we came back to our house, had a glass of wine, talked, and then got cozy & watched a Netflix movie


  • We woke up Saturday morning around 7:00 and cozied around, drank coffee, and watched Parenthood until about 8:30
  • Next, we threw some clothes on and walked to Splash Cafe for breakfast (we walked to the further one for a little extra movement – this felt great!)
  • Here, I ordered a bacon breakfast burrito (bacon, egg, bell peppers, tomato, onion, & fresh salsa)
  • We walked back & around town for a bit, then went home and changed – it was a warm day Saturday!
  • We hung around SLO for most of the day, and then in the evening went to Morro Bay for dinner
  • We hung out at Morro Rock for a while, watched the waves/breakers splash, and then walked to dinner
  • We had dinner at Otter Rock Cafe (we were super hungry by this time, so we basically just jumped on the first place we saw)
  • Here, I split a clam chowder with Marco & we each ordered Fish & Chips (I ate about half)
  • We ended the trip after this, and said bye to Aubs & Tye
  • Once they left, the hubby and I spent about 15-20 minutes putting the house back together, washing drink dishes, etc. Once the house was back to normal, we showered, climbed in bed, and read/watched friends.


Marco worked Sunday, so the day was mine to totally get ready for the week, stock the fridge with nourishing/delicious home-cooked foods (I couldn’t wait to eat at home again, and was cravings some color in my foods) and relax a bit. Here’s how my Sunday went:

  • Woke up at 7:30, packed Marco’s lunch (he has an even amount of to-do’s in the AM, too), made us breakfast, and saw Marco off to work
  • Once he left I showered, got ready for the day, made a grocery list/meal plan for the week (I’ll share that below), and planned out what I wanted to do for the day (gotta make my day off enjoyable, right?!)
  • At 11:00 I walked to Church
  • After Church I came home, grabbed my car keys and headed to Trader Joe’s/Whole Foods
  • When I got home, I put away the groceries, made lunch, and chopped some veggies that I bought for the week (this way, we’ll eat them!)
  • After this I started dinner (chicken in the CrockPot, brown rice in the rice-cooker) & cleaned up the kitchen
  • Now, dinner was being made and I didn’t have to do a thing! So, I took this time to relax & read my second book of 2015, Lean In. I had started this book in 2014 and never finished it. This year, I’m making a better habit of finishing a book before buying another. So far, it’s working! Yeah!
  • I ate dinner around 5:00 and then headed to my Small Group sat on the phone with my insurance. I missed my Group (we had a little bicycle running into my car incident – all is okay, though)
  • After I got off the phone I headed out the door for the Gym before Marco came home at 10:15
  • When he got home, we had a small meal (split: tuna sandwich, apple, and green smoothie) we ended the night peacefully with cozy PJ’s, cuddles, and of course, Netflix 🙂

What I Grocery Shopped for this Week (inspiration pictures included!):

(Note to self: incorporate more fruits/veggies/water and make them delicious – my body is begging for the nourishment from all of this)

Eggs & Toast (ah-course!)

Paige's Favorite Green Smoothie Recipe

Green Smoothies (link)

Toast, Avo, Tomato, Cucumber

Avocado Toast w. Fresh Cucumber & Tomato (link)

lemon-mint water

Lemon & Mint Water (link)

Chicken Panini

Chicken Panini’s w. Artichoke, Onion, Tomato, & Havarti (link)

Double Bean & Corn Enchilada's

Double Bean & Corn Enchilada’s (link)

Rice, Chicken, Avo

Rice, Chicken, & Avo Bowls + Broccoli (link)

Healthy Burgers

Turkey Burgers w. Tomato, Onion, Avo, & Sprouts (link)

By the way, if you’re wondering how meal planning and intuitive eating go together, see this post.

Now it’s Monday and I feel prepared for the week, rejuvenated from the fun/productive/satisfying weekend, and ready to start my workday. I hope you all enjoy today!

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What did you take away from this post? How was it helpful for you? 

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Love, Paige

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