How To Stay Healthy On Vacation

Good morning everyone! Happy Wednesday!

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Okay, so, many of you ask “how do I stay healthy on Vacation?”

I know many of my Clients who travel, really struggle with knowing how to stay healthy and motivated while traveling. I so understand you guys. I know, it’s hard, and seems daunting, but lets uncomplicated things a bit, shall we?

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Prepare for success. I packed this healthy salad to take on the road with us. It was breakfast for me on Friday. Set yourself up! This is key. Decide before you go, why you want to stay healthy on vacation.

Side note, weight-loss is not an option for a motivator. I don’t know if you know this, but weight-loss is the worst motivator! Do you know why?

Because you can always lose weight later!

My motivator for staying healthy this weekend, was this:

“I want to be able to have energy, feel great in my body, and focus on having a FUN time with my Mom. I don’t want to feel lazy, or junked-up with my food choices, because I know that will take away from my weekend.”

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On Friday, Mom and I went out to eat at BJ’s. I picked something from the enLIGHTend menu, because we were just about to go shopping. I knew I’d be happiest if I felt light after our meal. This entree was freakin’ delicious, and so full of flavor! Moroccan Salmon with roasted veggies & couscous.

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All day, we walked around and shopped, and I felt so good. I was so glad that I honored my body, new I’d be happy if I felt light, and ate accordingly.

For dinner, we went to Red Robin. We sat down to two Skinny Margarita’s, because I knew Mom was looking forward to that with her daughter 🙂

While looking through the menu, I saw Cod Sandwich. At first glance, that sounded GREAT and I was ready to order it. Then I asked myself “how do you want to feel when you’re finished eating?” Again, my answer was light and not-too-full. So, I chose something different, that I knew I’d also love. A vegan boca burger with a side of fries, and salad (side salad not pictured). I was again, so happy with my choice, and so glad that I didn’t choose a super heavy fried-fish sandwich — that was just something that sounded really good in the moment, because we were really hungry by dinner.

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The next day, I woke up feeling so glad about my choices, and was inspired to make even more good choices. For breakfast, we walked down to the hotel lobby, where they had tons of options sitting out from waffles, to white bread, to cereal, to bagels, to eggs and sausage.

I chose a toasted everything bagel, with two eggs on the side. I scooped out the inside of the bagel, and enjoyed the crunchy flavor of a thin, toasted bagel with eggs on top 🙂

After breakfast, while Mom was getting ready, I headed to the hotel Fitness Center. Mom takes 2 hours to get ready, I take 45 minutes. So, I figured, why not take advantage of that time and get another workout in for the week?

I felt so good after my workout, and came back to the hotel room, got all dressed up for the baby shower, and of course, took a selfie — I can’t NOT take a selfie with pink lips like that! 😉

photo 1

At the shower, I chose to fill my plate with veggies & fruit (the dark brown veg is eggplant) and a piece of french bread. To go with that, I had one mimosa.

photo 2

For dessert, I had what everyone else said was the VERY BEST: a homemade peppermint patty.

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A couple hours after the peppermint patty, we were getting ready to leave and I decided to take a cookie & taffy for the road – I felt like I’d miss out if I didn’t try the cookie. I took one bite, and then got called over to take a photo. I then wrapped up my cookie, and headed over to take a picture. Taking the photo gave me and the cookie about a 20 minute break, and the interesting thing is, after 20 minutes… I no longer wanted the cookie or the taffy. I was happy with my one bite, so I tossed it.

When we got home later Saturday evening from our girls weekend, I made us myself, Marco, and Momma nachos. Now, because I know cheese really does no good for my belly, I left the cheese off of mine and added black beans, onions, tapatio, and homemade salad. Oh, and fresh guac! So good! I thought I’d miss the cheese, but I didn’t at all!

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The next day, Sunday, I woke up happy to be home, and so refreshed from the weekend. Marco and I went to Church first, and then the Gym, where I did Yoga – man that’s a great workout! We went straight to my family’s house after the Gym, where we celebrated my little cousins 3rd Birthday. This is us 🙂

By listening to my body, and eating/doing what I knew would make me feel best, I was able to fully enjoy my time with Mom, and not let the anxiety of staying healthy while on vacation get to me.

This is one more trip that my brain is going to register as “you can totally trust yourself to stay healthy while on vacation. It’s not something you ever have to be anxious about. You do a great job.”

And THAT’S why I choose to stay healthy. Because it helps me to trust myself MORE with every good choice that I make. I always feel good about good choices. And, while staying healthy, I still got to enjoy eating out, a margarita, a mimosa, and some sweets – just in a way that I felt good about.

What did you take away from this post? What will you remember next time you go on vacation? Comment below, and let me know!

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