How To Stay Inspired Through 2016

So often in the new year we set resolutions/intentions only to forget about them after the first month. So today I want to teach you how to stay inspired through 2016 with those intentions that you really want to see come into fruition, but might be easy to forget about.

For example, one of the intentions I’m setting out for in 2016 is to elevate my blog and position in the coaching community (I wrote about it here). In oder to do that, I want it to be easy to: feel inspired to create when I walk into my office; read often; and, regularly share with all of you.

So, how am I staying inspired (aka, moving toward my intentions)?

Well, for starters – In order to feel inspired when I walk into my office, I’ve given myself permission to change things up whenever I feel the need for it. This past weekend, I changed the furniture around in my office, spray painted a couple of items gold, and picked up some goods in the $1/$3 bins at Target.

This did wonders for my inspiration. I couldn’t wait to get into my office this morning and work.

Here are some photos:

Stay Inspired Through 2016 - 9 of 14Stay Inspired Through 2016 - 1 of 14Stay Inspired Through 2016 - 7 of 14Stay Inspired Through 2016 - 2 of 14 spray paint goal office spray paint gold


Stay Inspired Through 2016 - 10 of 14

I decluttered big time which made my office feel fresh and new. I shredded files/paperwork I no longer need, went through old binders/books, and simplified my closet (which is attached to my office).

Stay Inspired Through 2016 - 12 of 14Stay Inspired Through 2016 - 13 of 14

Note: Spray paint is about $5-7 at Home Depot and made me feel like I had a run new office. Worth it if you are craving some change!

Stay Inspired Through 2016 - 14 of 14

How can you stay inspired?

Look at your goals and intentions and ask yourself: “What can I do to make following through with these intentions the easiest choice (and not following through the hardest choice)?” 

Perhaps you really want to read more because reading helps you to feel smarter and feeling smart is important to you. Set out the books that you want to read, create a cozy reading nook, and start using some of your downtown to relax into your nook and read. A little bit of reading each day really adds up.

Maybe you want to start eating intuitively and ditch dieting once and for all. Look around at what you’re taking in: What is your social media like (who you follow)? Is it in line with support your desire to let go of dieting? Who are your role models? Are there any apps. on your phone that need to go? Who are you learning from?

Related great resources: 28-Day Pleasure Plan & Finally Free Program

Maybe you’ve set out to start cooking more this year, because you love how you feel after you’ve made a homemade meal. How can you make cooking at home easier than going out? Perhaps you start setting up for the week and doing some loose meal planning (here’s how to meal plan while eating intuitively).

Step back & let go…

All of this said, there ARE those all too familiar intentions that we set out for every year simply because we think we “should.”

For example, I used to repeatedly set out to be a runner each year. Overtime, I’ve had to let this one go. I came to realize that this goal wasn’t necessary – I do plenty of other activities that I truly enjoy. Why make myself run if that’s not what I enjoy?

I saw a Richard Branson book at Barnes & Nobles the other day and his tagline was this:

“If it isn’t fun, it’s not worth doing.”

I thought to myself, what if we applied this to all of our goals? How good would that feel? Sure, goals take work, but underlying all that work there can be joy or meaning. Do you think Richard Branson has had to work hard to get to where he is? I think so too, AND when it’s all said and done, he truly enjoys it.

I hope this post encourages you. Above all else, take this away: Ditch the “should” goals and go for the ones that bring you joy and ask yourself “What can I do to make following through with these intentions the easiest choice (and not following through the hardest choice)?” 

P.S. Thank you SO much to all who entered the Instagram challenge. Simi and I announced the winners today via email! Check your email for a special gift 🙂

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