I Ate A Burger At Breakfast, Why?

Good morning beauties!

Hey, ladies… I was on Google Analytics yesterday (if you couldn’t tell by my Facebook post) and it said that Healthy Hits the Spot has 46% female readers and 54% male readers! That can’t be right… I only ever connect with women on here! It must just be that men are registered with the computer… right?

Just thought that was interesting…

Yes, this photo is something else that’s interesting.


burger for breakfast

It’s not often ever that I start a post with a Burger for breakfast, but yesterday I was really just craving a leftover burger for breakfast!

First thought: whaaaat? Should you really have a burger for breakfast?

Second thought: yeah, you should! Your body wants it, and if you don’t have it now (when you want it) you’re just going to have it later anyway. 

So, I listened to my craving, had the burger, and am now burger craving free 😉

It is so fun getting to listen to your body and see the kind of things that it will throw at you.

Morning Break

legs and swimming pool

Perk about working at home: during my work breaks I can jump in the pool.

I missed the pool so much from the weekend that I decided that my exercise for the day would be jumping in the water and swimming laps. So refreshing!

healthy hits the spot health coaching

After my break I came back, worked a while, held a couple Consultations, and then took a break for some yogurt


yogurt with strawberries and slivered almonds

Honey greek yogurt with slivered almonds & strawberries.


vegetarian sausage with kale and harvest grains

Leftover (from the weekend) sautéed kale, sausage-less italian sausage (Trader Joe’s), onion, and Harvest Grains. Ate this sitting on the patio enjoying the sunshine 🙂


grilled cheese, spinach salad, and tomato soup

I got off work at about 6:45 and fixed us a nice and easy dinner. This one carried over from last weeks Meal Plan (aka, list of yummy food ideas).

Grilled pepper-jack/gorgonzola cheese sandwiches with tomato soup and a side salad with spinach, gorgonzola, and strawberries. Dressing was balsamic, olive oil, dijon mustard, and honey mixed together. Mmm!


open faced turkey sandwich

Around this time I was ready for bed but also really uncomfortably hungry, so I made a light snack before bed so I wouldn’t wake up hungry.

A slice of Ezekiel with turkey.

Okay, now it’s time for you to tell me a weird craving you’ve had, much like my Burger for Breakfast craving!


The most recent, strange craving I’ve had was ______________.

I will be back here tomorrow with another {Daily Eats} post. Friday, I am hoping to get a Video out in the Newsletter (make sure you’re signed-up!).

Anyone have a specific question they want answered in the Video? Ask me in the comments or email me here

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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