I don’t speak Spanish

Hi everyone! So, I took many food photos for you this weekend! But, guess what? I have none!

Yesterday, I had to go buy a new phone. My 4S was giving out. It would die, freeze, turn off, not turn back on, miss calls, vibrate uncontrollably without recieving a text… it was cracked, beated, scratched… It was time for the 5, with a lifeproof case, haha! Except, I haven’t decided whether or not to keep the lifeproof… I probably should….

Anyways! I have two human pictures at least.


Marco and I had a fun weekend! Friday night, we went to an Indian Food dinner together.

Saturday, we went to the Gym, shopping, his little cousins grad Party (lost those pics), and my Brothers 35th Movie Night Birthday!

At my brothers Birthday, we made our own waffles, and watched Looper on the big screen (a white wall) with surround sound. It was all set up in the backyard – super fun! Everyone sat in their campin’ chairs with blankets, sweatshirts and beer 🙂


Last night, my parents, Marco, and myself went out for Mexican food after spending 3 hours getting my new iPhone. AT&T was packed! I got a Tostada Compuesta with no meat. My mom laughed at me as I ordered this – clearly, I don’t know Spanish. I wish I did! She told me if I would have asked for that in english I basically would have said “Can I have a tostada with two meats with no meat?” Haha, I said back “whoops! What I really should have said is “Can I have a crispy shell cheesy tostada with two meats with no meat, cheese, or tortilla?” Because that’s what I really had! It had yummy beans, lettuce, guac, and tomatoes. I also got a side salad!

PS, the reason I picked that tostada is because I used to order it all the time with Chile Verde – this time I just didn’t want the meat! That’s not so bad…. right?! 😉

Okay, so that’s all I’ve got for you today! Thanks everyone for your soy input! I haven’t been around the computer this weekend, so I haven’t been able to read it yet, but I will this evening when I start work. Love you all!

What do y’all think of the Lifeproof iPhone Case? It was $80! Eeeeeek says my pockets!

Have you ever had a Language slip up?

Love, Paige

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