I’d Tell My Younger Self…

As I was driving to breakfast this morning to meet a my friend Kelsey, watching the rain and listening to the drops, I felt completely at peace and happy. I thought about how good things are going, and I became grateful that I was aware and able to enjoy the moment.

I started thinking about the transition into my 20’s. I knew it was going to be tough, but I didn’t realize how tough. I didn’t feel complete and total peace until I stuck with my intuition, and went with the way of my heart.

Coming out of high school can be such a hard time for girls. Deciding on college, deciding on a career, feeling like you have to figure it all out… it’s really not an easy time… The relationships you’re in feel more serious, you feel more pressure, and everything seems more intense, at least that’s how it was for me. It wasn’t until I stopped listening to all of the millions of outside voices, and paid attention to my own that I felt at peace – I paid attention to the things that made me happy.

I knew what I wanted to do in my heart, but everyone else had other, more “stable” ideas for me. Let me just say, if I would have followed everyone else’s idea of my future, I would not be such a happy camper. My life would not be as wonderful as it feels today, at all! I could go into detail, but I’ll leave it to your imagination.

Here’s what I have to say to girls transitioning from teen years, to 20-something-year-old years. I know, I am still so young, but I feel I have just a little bit that I can share 🙂

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1) Smile

be free, be yourself

Enjoy YOU. Be yourself, and be happy! Embrace being young, and feeling free to do the things you love!

2) Love the people around you!

love the people around you

Smile, be nice, and cherish the time you have with others. Love your friends like you would want someone to love you. And it’s true, treat others as you would like to be treated. Don’t waste time gossiping about others. It’s not worth it. Talk about the good in others. Appreciate people.

3) Be yourself, whatever age you are

be yourself no matter how old you are

Be yourself, and don’t worry about what your friends are doing at your age. You are you, and you have a different purpose in life than someone else. Many people tell me I grew up really fast, and I wouldn’t disagree. But, I am so happy where I am. I feel that I needed to grow up fast. That was my purpose. I was meant to be on my own at this time. I was meant to spend the rest of my life with my best friend, and start early. This is what I want. I’m following my heart, because I now know I won’t regret it.

4) Don’t forget the little girl inside you

don't forget the little girl inside you

Don’t lose that little girls inside you ever. Be silly, laugh, dance around, be weird, dress-up, be comfy, don’t worry about what others think… be nice… love yourself!

5) Enjoy your life, and don’t stress so much

enjoy your life, stress less

Not everything is going to be easy. But it’s true, it will be worth it. Some of the best things start in the hardest places. I used to run from anything that was hard. I felt my life was chaotic enough, and all I wanted was happiness, and that was it. Just this last year, I have learned to push through the harder things, and stand still. I cannot tell you what blessings have come from this. So much good has come from staying where I am, but moving forward. Does that make sense? I’m moving through the hard times, instead of pushing them away and running from them.

6) Don’t worry so much about your body. Instead, love it, and focus on having a vibrant, joyus, loving life.

worry less about your body

Finally, don’t worry about your body so much! The reality is, most of us will have our “best” bodies while we are young. The ironic thing is, while we young we usually don’t appreciate them. Instead we spend our entire adolescence trying to change them! Trust me, even being just a few years older, I soo wish I could tell my younger self that I was beautiful, and that nothing would change that. I wish I could have told myself that life isn’t about being thin. It’s about loving others, loving yourself, and enjoying every moment. It’s about treating yourself the best you can, because you have to be around you all the time.. You may as well love yourself! ❤

I hope that this post inspires you all to embrace all of your years, let go of the stress, and know that all you have to do is keep moving forward.. Life will continue happen and everything will be okay.

Okay, so all that was going through my head on the way to this – Cafe Nouveau!

cafe nouveau

I met my friend Kelsey for a good breakfast and a great talk. She’s living a few hours away now going to school, so we don’t get to see each other as much. So good to hangout!


At breakfast, I got a Mediteranian Omlet, fruit, and sourdough toast – Smuckers left aside.


I hope you all have a wonderful day, I’m off to work for most of the day, so I’ll see you back here tomorrow. Remember to enjoy yourselves today!

Love, Paige

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