Identity Reset

If you want to make ANY change, the first thing you must do is reset the way you see yourself.

Let’s say you want to be good with money. But the way you’ve always thought of yourself with money is:

I’m so bad with money. I’m a spender. I have so much debt. I can never get ahead. I stick to it for a while, and then I fail. Etc. ANY version of these!

If you begin to pursue being good with money–let’s say this means sticking to a monthly budget–but the reel in the back of your mind is I never stick to things for very long… guess what the result is going to be?

The easiest way to predict your success with anything is to look at the way you see yourself in that area.

We will continue to prove true over and over the way we currently see ourselves.

You must reset the way you think of yourself in order to grow into a version of you that feels brighter and more aligned with who you want to be.

If you want to live a brighter life, you must start thinking of yourself in brighter ways.

I did a whole podcast episode–#102 Identity Reset–on this topic and think you’ll love it if this is something that’s speaking to you!

Listen on Spotify here or Apple here.

And for those of you who *super* resonate with this, I’m offering a 90-Minute Identity Reset Coaching Session for three of you who are ready to see yourself a NEW way.

We are transformed when we RENEW our minds. That’s what I’m helping you to do here. Send an email now to if you’re interested and reference this blog post.

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