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Hello girls! Good-morning! <3

Today it’s YOUR turn to speak. I have a list below of blog posts that I would LOVE to write for you.

Paige Schmidt | Blogger behind Healthy Hits the Spot

Blog Post Ideas for 2015

[ ] Transitioning to Your 20’s – Most Exciting & Challenging Time

[ ] Maintaining Lost Weight

[ ] Body Comments – Be Less Sensitive, or Make Less Comments?

[ ] How Tidying Up for Yourself Can Change Your Life

[ ] If Your Body Were Your Pet, How Would You Treat Her?

[ ] How to: Budgeting Post #2!

[ ] It’s Time To Mourn the Thigh Gap

[ ] How to: Split House Tasks w/ Your Partner or Roommate

[ ] Why I Believe in IIN (Success Story/Specific’s)

[ ] How I Started the Process of Intuitive Eating and Challenges I faced

Now, you tell me, which one’s would you most want to read?

Have other ideas/requests? Share them below!


I love making you FREE handouts! Simi & I together made you all a Thanksgiving Handout, a Sur-THRIVE-al Holiday Guide, 5 Mindset Shifts to Becoming an Intuitive Eater, a Winter Detox Smoothie, and my MOST famous Green Smoothie Recipe!


Simi & I released a brand new guide for you today! Don’t miss it!

Other Ideas I have for handouts:

[ ] Trader Joe’s Shopping List Re-do

What are the MOST helpful handouts that I could make for you? 

ANY & ALL ideas are welcome. I will consider everything – I am always listening to you girls.


If you’re a video kinda gal, you can even request a video topic for Q&A videos!

See my YouTube Channel here for other Videos.


Mini Seminars!

Who would like this? I would take topics that you request and host online Mini Seminars on them (mini = 30 minutes or so rather than a hours, and hours, of seminar-ing – yikes!). An example… hmm… like, PART of my Group Program (which is going great by the way!)… a seminar on one topic/lesson that comes highly requested…

>>>> Share your ideas/comments/’votes’ in the comments below. <<<<

This is your time to request 🙂

Can’t wait to continue creating for you!

xo, your coach


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