IIN Interview with Hillary the Nutrition Nut!

Good morning everyone! And HAPPY FRIDAY! Today I’m here to share with you a fellow food blogger friend, Hillary, and her experience with IIN. She has a sister post over on her blog where she interviews me on Health Coaching. Check it out!

blog1. You’re currently a student at IIN, what is your favorite part about the Program?

IIN – it’s been such a great experience thus far; I’m nearly halfway through with the program (ahhh, can’t believe I’m writing that!). My favorite part is that it is not biased and doesn’t teach one specific outlook/diet philosophy. I love that with each week’s module, we are taught by different speakers, many of which are entirely inspiring. I think it’s great that while Joshua founded IIN, and certainly has his own personal food/health/lifestyle views, his school promotes bio-individuality. Another thing I love is that IIN is NOT about dieting — in the slightest. As students, we learn about the importance of primary foods, and I can’t wait to share that philosophy with others.

salad2. Do you hope to go full-time with Health Coaching?

In the immediate future, I do not see myself being a full-time health coach. I have a pretty comfortable job (with benefits) that I’m not ready to give up. I am already anxious enough about getting a few clients as a part-time side gig, so we will see as I go 🙂

hillary3. What most excites you about your new title as a Health Coach?

Well, I don’t consider myself an official Health Coach yet, but I am very excited to have those initials behind my name in the near future. I am eager to work with clients 1:1, as I don’t get a lot of that type of interaction at my current job. I thoroughly enjoyed working as a nutrition mentor in college, and I can’t wait to play that role again.

IIN4. How do you stay on top of your school work at IIN while also balancing a blog & full-time job?

Oh, man… in all honesty, said balance is what I am wanting to work on most in my life — it sure can be a challenge at times! Not to mention, taking care of my own health and needs, and relationships. Luckily for me, I’m able to leave my full-time work at work at the end of the day; it doesn’t come home with me. My evenings and weekends consist of balancing blog and school work. Sometimes, a blog post comes first and visa versa; but, now that I’m halfway done with the IIN curriculum, as I mentioned earlier, I really want to put more emphasis into the business aspect of my future health coaching services. I also do a some multitasking when need be, i.e. cycling while listening to an IIN lecture on my iPod.

5. IIN really helps you hone in on your “target market.” Do you know who your target market is yet?

Also in progress with this one, but my intuition says females wanting to improve their relationship with food and body image — to support them to love their bodies, have food freedom, and learn to live/eat intuitively (very similar to your target market). This group is one that I can relate to personally. I will define my target market as I coach and learn and explore who I service best.

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Thank you Hillary!

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“Hi Paige

A question for your upcoming videos: I eat well (healthy and the proper portion sizes) on a regular basis, but when I attend family parties, I tend to kind of just go crazy and eat way too much. I end the night feeling uncomfortable and bloated. Do you have any advice for how to enjoy yourself at parties where there is a lot of food but to also refrain from eating everything there (eating in moderation)?

Thank you so much!

ENJOY! xo. 

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