I’m Officially a Graduate!

Goodmorning everyone! Quick, quick post today!


Breakfast: oatmeal with granola and a tiny bit of maple syrup on top


Hoola-hoop champ!


Between jobs, I went to Coffee Bean and got a tropical passion tea latte with soy, AND took my LAST IIN TEST!


Check out my Health Coaching Website at www.healthyhitscoaching.com

I loved my experience at IIN! If you have questions about the school, feel free to email me at healthyhitsthespot@gmail.com. I’d love to answer questions.


Lunch: from Gluten-free Vegan Meal Plan 🙂


This is the snack tray I put together for the kids at my next jobs. I had 3 strawberries from here


When the little one was sleeping, I checked emails while the kids finished up their 1 show


Snack: broccoli + hummus. Broccoli has got to be organic!

IMG_2748.JPG IMG_2750.JPG

Dinner: corn and black bean enchiladas + a small salad and a few fish nuggets


The kids were eating fish nuggets for dinner. I tasted a bite of one, and was sure I needed three more. They were sooo good! Not so healthy, but so good 😉

After I was off from my second job, I went home and Health Coached. 3rd job of the day – but, all enjoyable!

I’ve been working lots of 15 hour days lately – it’s crazy, but I know it won’t be like this forever.

To end the day yesterday, Marco and I went for a night walk. So nice. I looove going on a walk at the end of the day. By the time I’m done, my body is so ready for bed.


Love, Paige

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