I’m taking one year off Instagram. This is why…

I realized, as I imagined who I want to become next, that there just wasn’t room for Instagram. So, I thought “What would it be like to take an entire year off as an experiment?” And that’s when I decided “I’m taking one year off Instagram.” This is why…

I'm taking one year off Instagram. This is why...

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If you want to hear even more about my decision to go off Instagram for one year, I’m talking all about it in this weeks episode. Head to Apple or Spotify now to save the episode (#49) and listen. Or, listen below:

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why I’m taking a year off Instagram
  • What this decision has already done for me
  • Where we can connect instead

A year off Instagram

Today, I’m sharing all about my decision to take a year off Instagram.

Yep, you read that right: I’m no longer on Instagram.

You can still find my account @paigeschmidt but you won’t see *ME* on the app–you may see someone new managing my account–we’re currently in the works of deciding on this investment.

If you were looking at my phone today, you would not be able to find Instagram. It’s been deleted–not just from my home screen, but entirely off my phone.

When you listen to this weeks podcast episode, you’ll hear how I came to this decision to take one year off Instagram, where we can connect instead, and what I imagine this decision will do in my life.

My decision to take a year off Instagram.

The desire actually sparked for me as I was creating the new free audio training, Become the Woman You Want to Be (3 Life-Changing Secrets to Memorize)–be sure to download that here.

I realized, as I imagined who I want to become next, that there just wasn’t room for Instagram. So, I thought “What would it be like to take an entire year off as an experiment?”

The ‘me’ I want to be is too full enjoying: reading, slow-cooking, creating, and connecting deeply with people I love. There isn’t space for the ‘gram in her life.

I am so excited to share this experiment with you through these emails and the podcast this year.

As I’ve already discovered, the decision has ignited a new sense of motivation and excitement in my daily life–so much so that I’m noticing it creating a ripple effect in all areas of my life:

I’ve been reading more (mostly via listening to audible), actually sitting in the sun when I want a break, re-organizing the house (which is giving me so much energy), and feeling so creative in my business and all I’m building for my clients.

A year off Instagram has already made me more creative

Just this week, we added three new awesome resources to Aligned Coaching:

👉 Future Self Meditation–Visualize your future self and start becoming her today with this powerful meditation. Experience the profound difference that imagining your desired future can make in your life.

👉 A 2022 Vision Workshop–If you could see into the future, what would you want to change? In this workshop, we’ll help you get to know the 2022 version of yourself. You’ll discover her dreams, what she wants to experience, and why it’s important. Then we’ll set all of the goals you want in 2022 so that you can actually reach them!

👉 …and our NEW COURSE–The Woman Within: weekly lessons and coaching to make your 2022 vision a reality. Transform your life this year with the help of this program. 

If you’re already a member, login and click “Current Course” to access this weeks lesson. If you’re not a member but can say “I’m ready to step into my best self in 2022” sign up today and get started with us!

I’m really looking forward to seeing where this experiment goes… I *know* deep in my gut (and from the experience I’ve already had in just a few short days) that this decision to stay off Instagram for one year is going to have a huge, positive impact on my life and business.

Hope you’re having a great week!

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