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Primary Foods Vs Secondary Foods-What is the Difference

When I went to nutrition school at IIN I learned that there is such thing as primary foods and secondary foods. What are those?

Secondary foods are the actual foods that you eat – your meals, snacks, and drinks.

Primary foods are your non food sources of nourishment in your life – your relationships, creativity, career, finances, and spirituality.

Our body wants balance, so if something is lacking, it will try to compensate. So, if one of those primary foods are low, your secondary food tank will increase in order to try to balance them out. This means possibly eating more, binge eating, drinking more often, or craving more foods that do not make you feel your best. Our secondary food tank can try to make up for the lack in our primary food tank.

Is food taking up more space than you want it to in your life? Whether it be physical space (binge eating) or mental space (constantly thinking about food), is it trying to balance your tank?

Know that it is normal to not have all of your primary food tanks full at all times. Not all tanks can be completely full all of the time. But, are there areas during this season of life where you do want to put your focus in, because you know it will lead to becoming your best self? For example, my focus in the upcoming months will be on Selah and my business. I am so excited about both, and can’t wait to put my focus on these two. However, there are some seasons of life where my business won’t require as much focus, and I might need to focus in a different primary food.

Again, I want to reiterate that you should not expect all of your primary foods to be perfect. Instead, ask yourself which areas need your energy and focus for this season of your life. What do you want to intentionally put your energy into for this season of life? What positivity or negativity might come from this?

Listen to the podcast to hear examples of how you can focus on each primary food, how you can journal through each of primary buckets and steps to take, and what results can lead to your growth.

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