Interested in Institute for Integrative Nutrition?

And look what has arrived!

My box for school! Integrative Nutrition (find them here)!

What’s Integrative Nutrition? IIN is a Nutrition School based in New York. It’s an online Nutrition School. It last’s for 1 year, in my case, from July 2012 to July 2013. Upon completion of the program I will be licensed to practice as a Holistic Health Coach! I’m so excited to follow this path and see where it leads me! I am sure I have plenty of surprises ahead of me- we always do!

You better believe I was excited upon receiving this package! Even a water bottle!

I took it to the Gym yesterday, and got geeky excited every time I saw it

I get my own Goals book, workbook, CD’s for the car, and IIN’s own book

Yesterday, as I was driving around town to all my different jobs, I would play different audios from IIN. I feel like a sponge just wanting to soak everything up!

Can’t wait to get into this!

Morning reflections and evening reflections? What other school does this!?

This is so hands on!

I hope one day someone can say this about me 🙂

Anticipating July so I can DIG IN!

So, in July, my program will officially start. As of now, I am just listening to the fundamental classes. If anyone has been thinking of IIN, I would just ask yourself one question- do you have a heart for Nutrition, and do you want to help people out there who need you. Don’t think of yourselves as incapable. You are all very capable. Don’t feel unequipped.

What I would recommend, is go online and fill out this little tiny form. They will call you soon! They called me the very next morning. Calling them took too long, in my opinion. I had to wait an hour and never got a call. Not to say it’s always like this, but I think sending them your number is much easier. Anyway, I felt so great upon talking to an adviser! She was a student there, she was so sweet, so encouraging, so helpful, and sooo informative. I got all of my questions asked, and I felt confident in my decision. She actually told me to save her email just because she wanted to hear how I was doing on a personal level throughout the program.

What I love about the program is you’re not left in the dark. Everything is laid out online, someone is always there to help you, and they never make you feel like an idiot for not knowing something. They really just want to help. I have been nothing but happy with the program and my interactions with the advisers so far. I will continue to post on this throughout the year, but I would just hope that any of you who are thinking about the program would reach out, do a little leg work, and find out if it’s right for you. If you’re thinking about it, and you just put it on the back burner (like I did for one year), you may really be missing out on something incredible!

I am always here if anyone has any questions, too! I hope this was helpful for all of you curious minds!

(PS, I was absolutely not compensated for this email in any way. I fully decided to write this as one of my everyday blog posts because I am excited about the program and want to be encouraging for anyone else who’s interested, or simply just curious).

Love, Paige

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