When Intuitive Eating Just Isn’t Clicking

When Intuitive Eating Just isn't clickingHave you hit diet bottom?

Have you experimented with intuitive eating, found yourself exhilarated by the freedom and relief that comes from letting go of the rules, yet crash the moment you see a picture of yourself or can’t fit into an item of clothing?

Perhaps you think you’re free from caring about your weight, until you realize that potentially means putting on weight. (I know this fear well!)

I know you want to be comfortable in your body and in your clothes. 

(So do I.)

You want it all. You want:

  • food freedom
  • to feel good in your body
  • your clothes to fit
  • to feel like “yourself”

You know that when you’re in a good mental space you don’t crave foods that make you feel like crap; you especially don’t crave eating those foods in amounts that make you feel like crap. This gives you hope that you can be an ‘intuitive eater.’

But you’re still freaked out.

Is it possible to find balance? To have freedom with food AND to feel good in your body? Or is that asking too much? Is it an unreasonable hope?

I say “YES!”

Which is often a big reason women choose to work with me in coaching. They want to believe that these things are possible for them. I help them believe this.

You see, it may take some time for your body to balance out. Your natural weight may be different than your ideal weight (mine was/is), buttt…

That doesn’t mean that you can’t feel GOOD in your body. You may just have to redefine what “feeling good” means to you.

For example, I used to think that feeling good meant feeling very skinny. 

Today, I can look back and say “what the heck!”

I did not “feel good” when I was under my natural body weight. I forced my body to keep going when she needed rest. I felt bloated daily, got sick often, and my mental space was completely consumed with body image thoughts and what I’d eat each day.

This did not feel good.

What is my re-definition of feeling good?

  • I eat in a way that leaves me feeling completely satisfied
  • When I have a day where I feel “off” I don’t beat myself up
  • I am not hard on my body
  • Cravings no longer scare me
  • I feel safe to eat any food I want
  • Permission and “calm” describe my relationship to food
  • I buy clothes that fit me today
  • Getting rid of old clothing no longer emotionally triggers me
  • I enjoy cooking and experimenting with food
  • There are 100 things other than food that I get to think about each day
  • I move my body in ways that challenge her but do not deplete her
  • My desire to feel healthy is no longer an obsession; it’s simply a desire to feel good

I’ve had countless clients come to me and say that they’ve tried intuitive eating but it’s just not clicking. Hear it from them…

“I went into my coaching knowing so much about intuitive and mindful eating, but for some reason I just couldn’t figure out how to live that sort of lifestyle. I was in a place where I just knew I needed that extra guidance to help me get back to my body’s roots.” – Bridget S.

“I came to Paige first expressing difficulty with food and trusting myself to eat what I needed to. I was in a restrict/binge cycle that was driving me crazy, but yet felt completely out of my control. Not only was she able to help me see how easy it can be…” – Brianna B.

“I initially sought one-on-one coaching for guidance with intuitive eating. After six months of working with Paige, not only have I progressed with intuitive eating – I also found my self-confidence and value outside the size of my body.” Elizabeth P.

“I knew intuitive eating (and intentional living) was right for me, but I couldn’t figure it out on my own. I bought books, read blog posts, and even took part in Paige’s Finally Free Program. Although these were all amazing, it just wasn’t clicking. I realize now that *I needed someone in my corner,* someone I could be completely honest with about my struggles and know that there would be no judgement.” – Ashley N.

You need that one on one support. Someone to talk to who “speaks your language” in the food and body area (and trust me, I do).

If you’re looking for this support – if you’re familiar with intuitive eating and it’s just not clicking – schedule a call with me. I’d love to help you figure out your next steps. Let’s look at where you are now, where you want to be, and how we can get you there (I’ll help you see what’s possible for you). I’m here to support you.

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