Intuitive Eating Tune-Up, You In?

Hey all!

Every once in a while I like to refocus on everything we teach in Finally Free Program. It gives me a nice little refresh on connecting with my body, trusting her signals, and helps me to feel like I’m taking great care of myself.

Is anyone else craving a positive tune-in?

If so… I’ll be going through Finally Free Program for the next 12-weeks, one session per week, starting Sunday 7/15 (starting at Session #1!) and I’d LOVE for you to join me!

If you’re already a Finally Free Program student, there’s nothing else you need to do other than watch along with me, one video per week, through all 12-sessions. (We’ll stay connected through our private Finally Free community on FB.)

Here’s the class curriculum:

Finally Free Program - Make Peace with Food

If you’re not yet apart of Finally Free, all you have to do is become a member! (And this is a great time because we’re increasing the price of the program soon so you’ll be able to hop in before we do!).

If you’re on board, yay! I’ll be posting weekly in our private Finally Free FB community to foster discussion! Hop on over to FB (members only) and let me know and if you haven’t joined Finally Free yet, I hope this is just the push/excitement you need to come on over and join us!

This is for you if you want to develop the freedoms to:

  • Take intentional steps to reconnect with your body’s natural signals
  • Learn to speak with compassion, honesty, respect to yourself
  • Trade judgment for curiosity, so that you can learn more about yourself and your needs
  • Develop the skills to nourish and nurture yourself, balancing your physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual needs
  • Feel safe, rather than terrified or triggered, around food, so you can make empowered and calm choices about what would feel good for you
  • Listen to your body’s messages about what you need
  • Practice flexibility
  • Look at overall well-being as an indicator of your health
  • Move your body in ways that enhance and support you
  • Experience joy, presence, flexibility, and connection
  • Care for your body today, regardless of whether certain “conditions” (like being a certain weight) have been met (AKA having unconditional self-care and respect)
  • Learn to embrace your body’s healthiest and happiest shape/size with the understanding that all bodies are made to change

If you’re in, here’s the next steps:

  1. Join Finally Free Program here
  2. Hop on over to our members only FB group here and let us know you’re in by commenting with a hand raised emoji on my last post
  3. Click, download, and print “All Worksheets” using the button in the first video: “Dive Into the Program” (you’ll see it right when you login to FF!)
  4. Hole punch your worksheets, plug them into a binder, add some note sheets at the end, and…
  5. GET STARTED WITH ME ON 7/15! Cannot wait! 

My binder is ready to go. Is yours?

Finally Free Program - Intutive Eating - Make Peace with Food

Can’t wait! See you inside Finally Free Program!

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