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Happy Tuesday. I hope this post finds you well. Ready to dive into some intuitive daily eats? Yesterday was a yummy one!

Before we dive in, I just want to say that these posts are NOT for comparison (if these posts are triggering for you in anyway, scroll THESE posts instead).

I share my eats in hopes that you’d leave here today feeling inspired and full of PERMISSION to listen to YOUR BODY, as I listen to mine. I hope these posts fill you with the FAITH you need to let go of ALL food rules/control (just as I have!).


Daily Eats | Starting post Super Bowl morning with going to the gym with my friend, electrolyte water, and a GoMarco bar.

Breakfast: I wasn’t very hungry in the morning (Super Bowl left my tummy fuller because we ate foods like dips, wings, sliders, etc). To start the day I went to the gym with my friend, Nichole. I took some electrolyte water along and had a GoMacro bar (yum!).

I want to share a little disclaimer here, because if you’re anything like I used to be, this light breakfast, early gym sesh, and electrolyte water would have all been done in an effort to make up for heavier eating.

That’s not what happened here. Food was enjoyed! We had a blast making it and I thoroughly enjoyed every bite.

There was a calm-paced snacking through the day that left my stomach fuller than normal. No shame. No guilt. No “I need to make up for this.” Just a full, wonderful day that left me feeling super grateful.

With that, I woke up not feeling hungry and with a stomach that felt a bit upset. So, I had a lighter breakfast and moved my body to get some good energy in me. That’s it! No making up for a thing.

If you ate differently than you normally might on Super Bowl, guess what? That’s all you did. Ate differently than normal. Nothing needs to be done about that other than just paying attention to your body and how you feel. That’s it!

Daily Eats | Leftover Super Bowl salami, cream cheese, and sweet/spicy jalapeños as a snack

Snack: By the time I got home I was hungry! To calm my hunger, I had a few leftover snacks from the day before. Salami, cream cheese, and sweet/spicy jalapeños. Yum!

Daily Eats | Pulled Pork BBQ Ranch Salad for Lunch. Made with Trader Joe's pre-made pulled pork, avocado, croutons, and cucumber slices.

Lunch: For lunch I had a pulled pork BBQ ranch salad. It was yummy BUT upset my stomach. I think I left the pulled pork out a bit too long on Super Bowl Sunday. Whoops!

However, if this would have been fresh I would have enjoyed it more! The pulled pork is pre-made from TJ’s. I also added avocado, croutons and cucumber slices. The dressing is ranch and BBQ mixed together. Easy!

My work-from-home coaching nook. This is where I get to talk to clients during our sessions!

After lunch I showered and got to work. Yesterday was a client day. This is my coaching nook – clients, when we’re in session this is where I get to talk to you :-). I adore each and every one of you. (See coaching services here)

Daily Eats | Leftover Super Bowl cheese slices as a snack

Snack: a few pieces of cheese (not all of these) in between sessions to tide me over. This is leftover from Sunday as well!

My go to drinks for an extra energy boost in the afternoon -  tea, water, and chicken broth.

Through my workday and sessions I sipped tea, water and two cups of chicken broth (un-pictured). Chicken broth is so calming to my stomach. I also munched on a few pieces of dried mango as I answered emails to calm my hunger before dinner.

Daily Eats | Trader Joe's dark chocolate squares while I enjoyed cooking dinner from the Healthyish cookbook.

While cooking dinner I also had these squares of dark chocolate. Yum! I’ve really been enjoying making recipes from the Healthyish cookbook

Here’s what I do so that I don’t get overwhelmed by cooking:

  • I choose about 2-3 easy recipes for the week that I already know
  • I pick out 1-2 new recipes to try
  • This helps me to not feel like everything is new to learn, which would burn me out

I hope that helps when you’re planning meals for the week!

Daily Eats | Kale, Sausage, and White Bean Soup from Healthyish for dinner. This meal was so hearty. Inside: kale, potatoes, chicken broth, oregano, onion (lots!), chicken sausage (I just used the chicken sausage from TJ's and it was great!), red wine vinegar, salt, and pepper.

Dinner: I made the Kale, Sausage, and White Bean Soup from Healthyish (page 100). Holy heavens almighty my friends. I loved this meal SO much. It reminds me of my dad’s cooking which is my favorite.

This meal was so hearty. Inside: kale, potatoes, chicken broth, oregano, onion (lots!), chicken sausage (I just used the chicken sausage from TJ’s and it was great!), red wine vinegar, salt and pepper.

Have a BEAUTIFUL DAY. I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂

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