Is it okay for an intutive eater to focus on health?

Intuitive Eating and Health

Hey beautiful,

Whenever I’m working with a client on intuitive eating, this question usually comes up…

“Is it okay for me to want to be healthy? To want to eat healthy/nourishing foods?”

The answer is: of course!

I mean… even in my own story, which you can read here… I end by sharing what I learned from getting to my lowest weight ever: “Being thin is not going to make you happy; being healthy (mentally, emotionally, and physically) will!”

Another one of my clients described it like this “I want health without obsession.

I understood her when she said this. It’s like we were speaking exactly the same language.

It’s what I wanted when I was in the thick of dieting too.

I want to feel good in my skin and eat intuitively.

I want to trust my body and feel healthy.

I want to take care of myself without dieting.

Are you in the same boat? If you are… Here’s what I want you to know…

It’s not a sin, as an intuitive eater, to want to be healthy or to want to eat healthy foods. Healthy foods are not “bad.”

It’s not bad to be a human who wants to feel good.

Here’s the difference:

  • Health without obsession comes from a place of self-care
  • Health with obsession comes from a place of self-control

It’s simply that we want to check what our “come from” is…

At this point in YOUR journey, where are you coming from? A place of self-care or self-control?

Share your thoughts/questions with me in the comments below!

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