It’s Almost My Birthday and Why You Should Write Down the Things You Want in Life

Paige Schmidt Shares the Power of Writing Down What You Want in Life and Why It's Important

I started this blog back in 2011 and since, I’ve never really shared my age. I’ve always referred to myself as a 20-something year old gal. After I passed 25 I began to say “my late 20’s”. Why?

I never wanted to be judged for my age. I know I am much more than my age (and so are you!). I wasn’t willing to allow my age to be something that held me back – I knew what I was capable of, even though I was only 20 when I started it all.

But something about today and this age makes me want to share it…

Perhaps it’s the fact that 27 is my favorite number.

Or the fact that 27 feels not-aaaaaas-young.

But for the first time since starting my blog seven years ago I’m proud to annouce that on Saturday, I am turning 27!


Next week, I have some EXCITING news to share with you. And before your mind wanders far far away from you… I am not pregnant (when you’ve been married for over 4 years you have to start saying things like this, I guess!).

But something else is being born. (Have I confused you yet?)

Writing down your goals

What I want to share today is how writing things/goals down has changed my life.

And I believe it can change yours too (which, ahem, is why I’m here to write an entire post about it).

Back in 2012 I wrote this quote on paper: “Plans on paper come to life.” – Me

I proceeded to write the things in life I wanted at certain ages. Now, they have not come to fruition in the exact way that I wrote them, but I believe that they HAVE come to fruition in the exact way God made them to be.

The goals I wrote:

2012 – IIN, babysitting, be “official” with Marco, turn 21

2013 – health coaching, help girls with ED’s, find a career to get me started (little did I know this would be my own business), get engaged, move out

2014 – plan our wedding, have found a job, be living on my own

2015 – married, get a husky

2016 – have a house (ambitious hope for a 25 year old gal living in CA, but hey! Haha)

2017 – enjoy our first year married

2018 – think babies

How they actually happened:

2012 – I started IIN, babysitting kept me afloat as I built my business, I turned 21, I got my first paying client, got engaged and moved out on my own (wahoo!)

2013 – I continued to build my health coaching business, I figured out who I loved to work with — women who want to eat intuitively and not diet while feeling great in their bodies, went through 8 months of pre-marital deep counseling with Marco and moved in together

2014 – got married, moved to San Luis Obispo and rented a house, met Simi, started planning Finally Free

2015 – launched Finally Free Program and made new friends in SLO (whoop-whoop!)

2016 – my sweet mom was diagnosed with cancer, my car got totaled (just to share the unexpected/hard things that did happen!) and I lived part-time in Ventura away from Marco to take care of my mama

2017 – my mama-love passed away and we decided we wanted to move out of California to Reno

2018 – moved to Reno, had my most successful year of business yet, got Abby girl (our pup), still not thinking about babies, and TO BE ANNOUNCED (I will be sharing this last piece with you next week – I cannot wait!)

I share all of this with you to say that things can happen (and likely will happen) in a different way than we imagine or plan. Unexpected things in life certainly happen. And even so, we can still map out and get clear on the things that we want… because when we do, many of them WILL happen.

There is so much power in writing things down and knowing where you’re going (where you want to go).

Has this post inspired you to sit down and map out what you’d like to happen in the next 5-10 years? Have FUN with it! I, in writing my original list, was under ZERO obligation to actually make those things happen. I was simply dreaming up what I’d like to happen.

If you have been inspired to write your own list, share with me in the comments WHEN you’re going to carve out time to do so! Have fun with this. 🙂

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