It’s Not About “Being Thin”

When I decided, yes, decided, that I was healthy, it was when I changed my attitude. It was when I looked in the mirror and told myself, “today, you are beautiful, and today, right where you are, you’re full or worth.” I decided that weight-loss wasn’t what was going to make me happy. Yes, losing some weight made me feel confident and good, but it was never the answer to my happiness like I thought it would be. I used to always think, “If I just lose a few pounds, I will be happier. I’ll look better, be more confident, want to go out more… Life will just be better.” The strange thing is, whenever I’d lose the weight, my happiness didn’t change. Yes, my jeans fit better, but I was still on a constant search for that feeling of true joy.

“Being thin isn’t what makes us happy, being healthy is.


Healthy in all aspects:

  • mind
  • body
  • spirit
  • relationships
  • career
  • self-worth
  • trust

I find that trusting our bodies is the root of the issue. We must trust our bodies. Many of us are afraid that if we aren’t restricting ourselves, we are going to just go out of control and gain all kinds of weight. This just isn’t true…

Imagine a restrictive diet that left you never craving things… That just doesn’t exist… At least not in my world


I read an article on Health for the Whole Self, a blog I recently discovered. This woman has said it so well that I am going to quote a few things that stood out to me from this article.

  • “I am able to trust my body when I believe it won’t betray me. And I believe my body won’t betray me when I reach the understanding that the way my body naturally looks and feels is the way it’s supposed to be.”
  • Reaching a place of trusting my body first requires that I regard it with an attitude of love and kindness. You can’t trust something that you hate.”
  • “…if I want to trust my body, I first have to pave the way for my body to be able to trust me…trust me not to starve it, or stuff it, or over-exercise it, or under-exercise it, or just beat it up in general.
  • “Trust is a belief that I am loved. Trusting my body is a belief that when I show my body genuine love and care, it will show me those things right back.

Katie totally hit the spot on this topic.

If you’ve never read My Story, please, read this part, because this is where Healthy Hits the Spot came from:

“Along with seeing a counselor, I also started seeing a naturopath. His name is Larry Permen, and he works in Ventura, CA. I would recommend him to anyone! He has helped me so much. Anyways, I started seeing him towards the end of December, and he told me that he wanted me to stop eating grains, cheese, and sugar, for a period of 6-8 weeks. This was to reset my mind, and get myself to a place where healthy eating was enjoyable. He said that I could start in January, because he knew how hard it would be to start during the Holidays.

So, January 1, 2011, I started this way of eating. This change turned out to be the greatest thing I ever did for my mind, and for my body. It led me into the healthiest mindset and healthiest body, I’ve ever had. I stuck with this for seven weeks. I have since, added back in whole grains, and a little bit of cheese, and haven’t added in much sugar, and don’t plan to. I am happier with my body now, more than I have ever been!

I don’t ever worry about calories now. I just try to make healthy choices as much as I can, and I always eat whatever my body is craving. If I want a treat, I make a treat. I do not deprive myself, and I never “talk mean” to myself now. I always fill my head with good thoughts, and I don’t ever tell myself “you look fat,” because I know I don’t. It is 100% about mindset for me.

I created this blog, to share my journey with all of you, and I hope that you guys will be so inspired to just love yourselves! You totally deserve it! Don’t waste 6 years of your life, trying to measure up to something you think you are not, because you are beautiful! Being thin is not going to make you happier; being healthy is! The way to achieve happiness is to treat yourself well, and totally enjoy yourself! You are the only you in this entire world, and that is never going to change. We all have to live with food, and live with making choices for the rest of our lives. We may as well do it right, and have fun along the way!”

You might be thinking, “of course, she went on a Diet, that’s probably what made her happy!” In a way, yes. But not for the reasons that you might be thinking. It wasn’t the few pounds lost that that made me happy. It was the sense of freedom, control, and health that I felt through it that made me happy. It was the freedom from cravings, negative attitude, and mean body messages that made me happy. It sounds strange to put “freedom” and “control” in the same sentence, but that’s just it. I felt like my body was in control. Not just my mind. If my body wanted a treat, I gave it a treat. If it wanted something cold, I fed it something cold, etc. I had fun experimenting with my favorite foods too. For example, instead of a grilled cheese with just cheese, butter, and bread, I added in sautéed apples, or asparagus! I found so many different ways to make my favorite foods just a little bit more healthy.

My diet is about balance and moderation, not restriction

The No Grains, No Sugar, No Cheese “Diet,” helped my cravings to disappear. It helped me to discover a whole world of delicious foods that would make my body stronger instead of weaker; that would make me well instead of sick.


I did this Diet without the expectation to lose weight. It was not about weight loss for me. I thought of it as an experiment to get to know my body. I ate something small every time I was hungry, and got used to feeling my hunger signals. I would make every meal with love. I’d take the time to cook, take the time to prepare, and take the time to sit and eat. Almost every night, I would make a “Petite-Treat.” This usually consisted of a small bowl filled with non-fat greek yogurt, honey/agave, and fruit. I loved this, because it helped me to be able to listen to my body at dinner too. I used to always make dinner the biggest meal, mostly out of habit. Now, if I know I’m going to have a Petite-Treat after dinner, I don’t feel compelled to over stuff myself. Eating small things throughout the day helped me to believe that I truly could eat what I wanted, when I wanted. Of course, I picked healthy options, but that was because I knew the more I picked good, nourishing foods, the more I would trust myself, and the better I would feel. I did everything with the intention of loving myself, and nothing with the intention of losing weight or being thin.

Anyways, I didn’t really intend for this post to be about No Grains, Sugar, or Cheese, but that’s where it went, so that’s okay. I found what worked for me, and you can find what works for you. Listen to your intuition, not the food police. For some of you, you could benefit by experimenting with something like No Grains, Sugar, or Cheese. For others, you may benefit by just having more positive self talk. For me, I needed something to show myself that I could truly be healthy without counting calories, because that was the habit I was trying to kick. I always thought that if I didn’t control the number of calories I was eating, that my body would freak out and gain 50 pounds. What a lie I spent 6 years believing.


What should you take from this article the most?

“Being thin isn’t what makes us happy, being healthy is.

Love, Paige

Learn to tap into ease and joy every day and in every area. Savor the life you’ve created. Visualize Your Happiest Self.

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