It’s Not About “Finding Your Passion,” It’s About Creating It.

It's Not About Finding Your Passion, It's About Creating It

I think I’m going to start a series called “my morning brain dump.” Except for the fact that this sounds too similar to “my morning dump” and so we’ll have to find a new name (haha!).

This morning I woke up around 6:45, as I usually do. I clicked “on” on the coffee maker, washed my face, and grabbed the Dyson. I’m a strange human, I know. 😉

Since we’ve been back in SLO, many mornings I will wake up, grab that cup of freshly brewed coffee and start cleaning up around the house. It helps me to wake up and get started for the day. And, on the mornings I want to work out, it helps me more to do something standing than it does to sit down and get cozy (then my brain doesn’t want to get up, ha!). I drink that one cup of coffee and head outside to get in some movement.

Anyways, one of the reasons I love to clean is that it gets me thinking. This morning while I was cleaning, I was thinking about the difference between finding your passion (what you love), versus creating it.

I remember when I was about 17/18 I posted on Facebook that I needed to find my passion. That I was searching for it. My brother Chase commented on that post and basically shared that you don’t “find” your passion, you “create” it. I didn’t fully understand this when he said it but I also had this knowing that he was right.

Years later, as I’m cleaning my house this morning, I look back on that moment and recognize “gosh, that is the truth.”

When you’re trying to create a new habit, for example, so often we just wait to find the answer. We wait to figure out how it is that we will start exercising in the morning. Or we wait to find out what the magic secret is to start having a perfect routine in the morning. We Google search the exact formula to make yourself get up and go for a run. I remember when I was trying to start running I kept Google searching “how to start running” as if the answer was out there beyond my own deciding to do so.

Brooke Castillo, who is one of my favorite teachers, calls this creating drama in your mind or getting lost in confusion. I love the term “getting lost in confusion.” I think that’s really what we’re doing here. We’re getting ourselves so confused about how to start something by overthinking it. When all we really have to do is start.

I didn’t start running until I decided that there was no magic answer. It wasn’t going to be a fancy start, I just literally had to put on my shoes and walk out the door with Abby, on a regular walk, and on that walk I had to commit to doing a little bit of running (even if it was just 10 feet).

Then I kept doing this day after day. Now it’s been eight months since I first started running and I’m still being consistent because I have the same mentality. There’s no magic formula, there are no rules, just put your shoes on and go outside and start running around. You are the only one who can keep this habit – no one is going to do it for you. You are the only one who can make this choice, no one is going to do it for you.

It’s the same for those of you who are thinking about pursuing something that you feel really passionate and creative about. There isn’t a magic answer of how to get started. If that passion within you is so big and deep and meaningful that you just have to do it, then you just start seeing it through. You just start, and you keep going. There isn’t going to be a magic formula that you stumble across that tells you exactly how to get started, or even when to get started. Or that gives you the motivation to get started. Just. Start.

I imagine that this is what my friends who are moms are trying to teach me about not feeling ready for kids (that “you’ll never feel ready”). I think Marco and I have done as much prepping as we can possibly do. Now we just need to relax and allow it to happen when the time is right. My struggle is that I always get to the point where I say that I’m ready and then I become afraid. But what if I’m not ready? But what if I’m mad that I did this? But what if? Right? We do that do ourselves in so many areas.

It’s similar to anything else that we want to create that is new. Whether it’s creating a new career, a new habit, or starting to live a new way. Maybe you want to stop drinking! Maybe you want to start going to Church! Maybe you want to start getting dressed each day in something that makes you feel amazing!

I think we all have within us this person who we want to become. The coolest part of all of this is that we can start becoming her today. If there is no magic formula, which there is not, you can start becoming the person who you want to become today. You don’t have to wait.

If you keep waiting you’ll probably be waiting forever. Or, you’ll be waiting until you get to the point where you finally realize that no one is going to do this for you. You’re the only one who gets to start this.

With my running example, it wasn’t that I was waiting forever, but it was that I was waiting for about 10 years to start a habit that I wanted to start that entire time but couldn’t figure out how. Every single time before when I would try to start running, I would look up all these fancy ways to be a runner. I’d commit to it for maybe a day, maybe two weeks at the longest, and then I would just decide that this wasn’t who I am. I am not a runner. But something inside me kept telling me that I would have so much fun if I were able to do this. I finally threw out all the rules and just let myself do it. If I ran 10 feet, great! I could be considered a runner! The most important thing was that I just got out there and started doing it. This helped me to get the momentum that I needed!

DO NOT wait for “motivation.” Instead, create momentum by just starting and taking steps every. single. day.

Now that I’m thinking about this, I’m relating it back to the beginning of my business where I didn’t know what I was doing, but I was excited and willing to learn! I knew that it was going to take time to get to where I wanted to go, but I was willing to take the time to get there. I knew where I wanted to go and I knew that if I just committed to not stopping until I found my way there, that I would eventually get there. And I was willing to support myself the entire way through.

There is no magic answer. If there’s something that you want, start creating it today. Start taking steps every single day toward what you want – who you want to become. Want to be a runner? Put on your shoes, walk out the door, and run down the street. Do it again tomorrow. And the next day. Want to start a coaching business? IMMERSE yourself in the world of coaching. Buy some books, start reading, start practicing your coaching skills. Go to school. Make the commitment.

With coaching, I know there’s more that goes into it. For example, to go to a coaching school you need to have money to pay for that school. So maybe you’re not ready to make the investment today, but you are ready to create a darn well dedicated plan to start saving the money to be able to go to that school. And in the meantime you’re going to learn everything that you absolutely can about coaching and immerse yourself in that world. You’re going to create a blog and start writing. Perhaps you’re going to start doing some small workshops with close friends. And most definitely you’re going to start practicing to coach yourself and be your own first client.

If you’re that passionate about something, let yourself be that passionate about it.

What would you do if you really allowed yourself to be passionate about the thing that you’re passionate about? How far would you go?

There is NOTHING stopping you. You’re the only one who can make the decision to start. There is no magic answer. You have everything you need right now. Just start. Start today. Start now, even if it’s just running 10 feet.

Love, Paige

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