I’ve Figured My Gym Schedule Out


Good morning everyone! I’ve had an amazing morning. I love starting the day off with the gym!

30 minutes of cardio

15 minutes of stretching + abs

15 minutes of arms + back


When I got home, I made the best frittata! Honestly, it was sooo good


Butter (just a tad to coat the pan)

1 whole egg, 2 whites

handful organic spinach

1 tbsp. pesto

2 tbsp. bruschetta

{Coat the pan with a butter stick, add spinach, let cook for a few minutes over medium heat. Whisk the eggs together in a bowl and pour over spinach. Sprinkle with sea-salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Once the frittata can easily move around in the pan when shaken, flip! Let cook another minute. Put on plate, top with 1 tbsp. pesto, smear around. Add 2 tbsp. bruschetta the middle, spread around. Enjoy!}


I think I have really figured out a gym schedule that I love and can stick to

Mon-Thurs 5:45-6:45


Sat Anytime


On Friday, and most likely Sunday, I will probably do some kind of “active rest” day where I take a nice walk with my boyfriend {we made it official on FB ;)} and the doggies. Something really enjoyable, but where I can still move. I feel really great about this schedule, and love being up early in the mornings Mon-Thurs. Having some time to sleep in Fri-Sun should help with making sure I always get enough sleep. I’ve been going to bed an hour earlier Mon-Thurs too 🙂

I also love started my mornings with the Gym because while I am there I can listen to school lectures. Starting my morning off with some IIN is wonderful!

Three things I learned today:

1) if you’ve hit a plateau, it’s time to start building those muslces! It will speed up your metablism

2) the main part of your meal should be veggies. Start thinking of thinks like meat as ‘garnish’

3) the answer to all things health (losing weight, maintaining, being healthy, etc) is moving your body and eating real foods. Don’t waste $ on all the fads, there are a million diets out there that claim they work. Just stick to making lifestyle changes!


Today I am babysitting a ton!




For my 9-4 job, I pack lentils, tabouli (finishing the rest up), bruschetta + a side of carrots & hummus

{this will be lunch}


For snack, I have celery + PB, an asian pear, and a little single serving bag of raw almonds.

Not sure which I’ll eat, but I’ll touch on that in my dinner post tonight!

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