Join the Instagram Challenge #LiveYourDream2016

Hey gals!

Simi and I are wrapping up 2015 with a fun Instagram challenge, and we want to invite you to join us! The challenge is all about Living Your Dream in 2016. The purpose of this challenge is to get a good picture of what you want in 2016, and then hit the ground running to go after it.

So, if you have something you would like to achieve in 2016, a word you’d like to live by, or a way you’d like to feel, this challenge is for you.


We’re so excited for this challenge, and hope you’ll join us (and invite your friends!).

Every single day of the challenge we’ll be giving away a FREE membership to Finally Free.

If you’re already a Finally Free Member then you will have a change to win a free upgrade to Finally Free Mastery, a live group coaching upgrade that comes out in 2016 <– Not to worry, if you’re not yet in Finally Free, you’ll be getting all of the details on Mastery in the early new year.

To join us in the challenge, all you have to do is:

  1. Sign-up here:
  2. Follow us on Instagram: @healthyhitsthespot, @simibotic, and @finallyfreeprogram
  3. Hashtag your photos every day of the challenge with #LiveYourDream2016 and @finallyfreeprogram
  4. Put a little checkbox on your calendar everyday from Dec 28th to Jan 3rd so you remember
  5. Bonus points: share the challenge image (above) and invite your friends by tagging them and asking them to join you

Are you in? If so, comment and let me know that you signed up so I can be sure to look out for you! Can’t wait to get started!

So thankful for you girls, XO!

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