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Ahh… Now for the most amazing weekend! The Reality Women’s Retreat!

While I was there, my Mom bought me a new ring! Mine had fallen off because it got a little too big. Who knew I wouldn’t hear my ring when it fell off? Sad, but thankful I have another now.

The flowers and tree around the cabins were so beautiful. The perfect setting!

When we got to our rooms, we had these cute little gifts waiting for us! They had chocolate kisses & ear plugs. I used the ear plugs every night and slept like a baby!

Also, the center pieces on the table! SO cute! I want to make something like this for my room!

I didn’t get a chance to photograph all the food, but we ate 3 times a day. I always ate a lot of salad, didn’t always eat the sweets- but enjoyed them when I did, and I also dranks lots of coffee.

I definitely should have had more water than coffee, but thanks to my tastebuds, I didn’t. Hello headache! Whoops!

I was so blessed to be able to spend so much time with Kingston this weekend! Ah! He’s my little cousin nephew. I love him sooo much!

Here was one of the desserts we got to enjoy!

Cream puffs! That was my plate.

JUST kidding!

I did enjoy my one little cream puff though. Seriously- yum!

This was the theme of the retreat this weekend. So sweet! I seriously was filled with so much love, joy, and peace this weekend.

I came home feeling so at rest. That’s just how we should feel with the Lord in our hearts.

Here is me and my sweet Mama. Ahh… I love her! Thank you so much Mom for providing my way to the retreat! I will never forget these special times with you. These are the things that last a lifetime!

Here was our Saturday breakfast. This is the first time I’ve had french toast in SO long. It was a great reminder! Especially with fruit on top- um, yum?!

Kingston & I again 🙂

Here is the room where we had our Sessions. Over 300 women!

And to end the post, here is a picture from our last breakfast! Me, Holly, Kingston, and Janna!

I hope you all enjoy the pictures! I truly had an incredible weekend. I feel so refreshed, and so thankful/happy to be exactly where I’m at in life.

Here are some things I learned/loved:

“The truest thing about you is that you are loved.”

“Jesus, is the reflection of OUR value.”

“A woman who has peace in any circumstance, is so beautiful.”

“God has created us to be good gifts to one another.”

“There is nothing under the sun that is new.” (There is nothing we go through, that someone else already hasn’t already gone through)

Question: “Do you want real wholeness? Or just the appearance of it?”

“God owns all the time, surely he will stretch it for you.”

“It’s the joy of the small that makes life large.”

“All things are temporary.”

“Empty yourselves, so that God may fill you.” (Let him bring new into your life everyday)

“He needs our knees more than our hands.”

“If we keep our eyes constantly on ourselves, things will always be hard.”

“Our responsibility is to respond.”

“Do not linger long at the canvas of other lives.” (In other words- God gave us each our own painted canvas [your life], don’t try to change his artwork. Each of our paintings are individual, unique, and special. Yours is for YOU. Don’t wish you had someone else’s)

“Do not question him; only praise him.”

“He is all about the process, not the progress.”

“Gods best is not a comparison. Love the life God has given YOU.”

“Once you’ve been saved, NEVER let it be a question whether you’re a Christian or not.”

“Be a witness to his grace.”

Wake up in the morning and think of what God has for you TODAY. Don’t think too far ahead. Just live day-to-day, and enjoy Him in all circumstances. There is much joy to be found in Him- He is the reason for my joy 🙂

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