Just can’t do it…

Soo… I tried something… and it didn’t work… These are the pictures I have been posting on my blog the past day or so (only on tumblr) because I wanted to give my phone a go (since my little, more portable camera is being repaired)

The pictures are helpful maybe, but the quality…. oh my, it’s driving me nuts!

I don’t think I like posting pictures like this, I would just rather take better quality pictures and post them in the evenings or whenever I get the chance.

In the case of my food blog, I have to say QUALITY > QUANTITY

I feel like these are just no good… for all you “picture takers” (hehe) you know what I mean!

I’m posting this on both blog sites, because I want everyone to know that I’m so trying to get everything I eat up, but it’s SO hard right now with only a big camera, and so little time. I’m trying, because I love it! So hangin there 🙂

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