Kayla Visited!


Friday was a great day because Kayla, my best friend, came to visit me! So exciting… it was the first time she saw my new place 🙂

Yesterday morning started off with 1 chocolate dunker from Trader Joes…

Here’s the story:

I have a box of cute, colorful napkins that I use to take pictures (like the one you see above). One night, before Marco came over, I asked my Mom to set the box on the porch so he could pick it up for me on his way over. She did, and he brought it to me and I set it down in my kitchen. About 30 minutes later, my Mom text me and said “I put some surprises in the box for you. Love you!” So, I opened up the box and she had given me a bag of coffee, a bag of dunkers, and a lint roller. What a good Momma! It honestly made me so happy… Marco is my witness 🙂

Anyway, I enjoyed that with my Coffee around 7:00



Then, my read breakfast. Toast with avocado, egg, and 1/2 slice muenster cheese

Soooooooo good!

Toast the bread, add a little butter or EVO, lay the sliced avo on top, then the egg, then half a piece of cheese. Then stick under the broiler until it’s just melted or golden brown… whatever you like 🙂



Lunch was a deeeelicous turkey sandwich with avo and strawberries


At 2:45, Marco and I went for a 2 hour walk at the beach! Love those walk! Such a wonderful way to spend time together.

When we got back, I had a little square of banana bread and about 6oz of Green Smoothie while I was getting ready. That was at 5:00


Kayla got to my house at about 6:30, and at about 7:30 we went to Mary’s Secret Garden to split an Organic, Vegan meal. Which by the way must have been filled with salt because we both woke up in the middle of the night with swollen hands and thirsty mouths! Haha


Right after dinner we headed to Fro-Yo. Love me some Fro-Yo with Kayla 🙂

After Fro-Yo, we went back to my house and had tea-talk. Every time we stay the night together, we wake up and have coffee talk in the morning… so at night, it’s tea-talk 🙂 We each had another little piece of banana bread with my tea…. Yesterday, the lady I was babysitting for gave me overripe bananas to use for banana bread, so I went home a winged a super healthy sugar/flour-less recipe… it was soo good! I didn’t take pictures though 🙁 I’ll have to make it again, and share the recipe!

Sweet dreams everyone! <3 I’ll share the rest of our time together tomorrow or Monday…

Rest in peace sweet Daisy… I know you are sitting at the feet of Jesus in total peace, and I am so thankful for that… but we all miss you. Pray for the Merrick Family (click Daisy’s name for the link to see her story) <3


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