“Lady Luck” our Family Lady Bug

quiet time healthy hits the spot

Good morning all! Yesterday started with quiet time & coffee.

eggs on toast

After quiet time the hubby & I had breakfast together (and I finished my coffee). Two eggs & two pieces of multi-grain toast. Lately, two pieces of toast with my two eggs has been just the thing to keep me full/satisfied through lunch.

quesadilla on ezekiel tortilla

Lunch was the best chicken quesadilla ever (minus the chicken – we ran out) + a side salad.

lady bug - lady luck

The Story of Little Lady Luck

“Lady Luck,” as I named her, was with us for a whole week. This one little lady bug landed in my office last Wednesday and I didn’t think much of her. The next day, during a session with a client of mine, she came to my office again. Except this time, she landed on me and stayed on my sweatshirt through the rest of my work day. Marco and I left Friday through Saturday for my photoshoot in Ventura. When we came back Saturday night, I found little Lady Luck hanging out on my office desk. She stayed there until Monday morning, when I found her moving slower. I figured I should put her outside for some fresh air (funny how you can start to like a little ladybug so much!). I carried her out on a leaf and laid her in my flower pot (yes, I only own one). She hung out under the leaf for most of the day and then either buried herself in the pot or took off. I can’t believe how long she stayed in my office! Now I have a little post it note on my computer that reminds me of her 🙂 I totally believe that God has cute little ways of speaking to us, and this was one of them.

nugo dark chocolate pretzel

At about 6:30 I ate this NuGo Dark bar before heading to the gym & grocery store. I knew I’d be out for a while.

At the Gym:

20 min Elliptical
Deadlift (Bent) 3x
Leg Press 3x
Lunges 3x
Seated Calf Raises 3x
Ball Side to Side Abs 3x
Sit-ups 3x
5 min Elliptical cool down

chateau michelle

After the gym & grocery shopping I came home, poured myself a glass of wine, put away the groceries, and cooked myself some dinner (Marco worked until 10:30).

mediterranean wrap

I made a delicious Mediterranean Chicken Wrap, which I will be sharing on the blog tomorrow. Can’t wait to give you all this recipe. It’s another great one!

After dinner I showered and climbed into bed with my same glass of wine and read Yes Please until M got home. Such a relaxing night 🙂

Today is full of work, so I’d better get to it! I hope you all have a beautiful day. I’ll see you here tomorrow for the second recipe (see the first here) I’m sharing with you this week.

Enjoy your day 🙂

xo, your coach


P.S. stay tuned! Friday I’ll be announcing an upcoming Group Program!

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