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Good morning ladies!

This weekend has been so full. It’s been good. 

I’ve just learned in the book that I am reading, Soul Keeping, that there is a difference between busy and hurried.  According to my book, busy is: a full schedule; many activities; an outward condition; physically demanding; reminds me I need God. On the other hand, hurried is: preoccupied; unable to be fully present; an inner condition of the soul; spiritually draining; causes me to be unavailable to God.

Wow, I just loved this! I am absolutely in a busy season, but this busy season has brought me joy, a sense of great fulfillment, and has absolutely reminded me that I need God. In fact, that is how I start each busy day: with God, asking him to help me arrange my time..

All that said, allow me to share with you my full weekend (F-M).


Eat Healthy Eating Out

Friday morning I had my regular coffee date with friends at 6:15. I came home afterwards, worked a little while, and then headed out for Laguna Beach. I met my friend Simi for the first time Friday. We met through our blogs, and have developed such a sweet friendship.

For lunch, we went to La Sirena Grill in Laguna Beach with a group of her friends. We both ordered the Wild Salmon Salad. It was delicious. After lunch we grabbed coffee and walked/talked on the beach. It was such a nice time!

Homemade Dinner with Friends

After my time with Sim in Laguna, I made the drive to Manhattan Beach to have dinner at my friend Maria’s. She made me her amazing Polenta Pizza and we talked well into the evening. Maria and I could sit and talk for hours, it is always so sweet and fulfilling getting to see her!


I didn’t actually take photos Saturday, but it was a great day! I woke up, went to book Group (where we are reading Soul Keeping) and then came home to hang with my Hubby. We ate lunch at home together, went shopping for a bit (I got these new Skimmers!), and then landed at our friends house for a BBQ. There, I tried my first Angry Orchard Hard Cider (yum!) and had some great girl time. We went downtown Ventura afterward, grabbed a drink, and called it a night around 11.


Church San Luis Obispo

Sunday we woke up bright and early (7:30) and hit the road for San Luis Obispo. We arrived there at 11:00, just in time to attend Church at Mountain Brook. We loved this service! Eek, so happy about this 🙂 This photo is from their photo library.

(Listen to this service here: TRUTH #3: PERSEVERE THROUGH THE TESTS)

Urbane Cafe Salad

For lunch, we went to Urbane Cafe where I ordered the Urbane Cafe Salad with Balsamic.

Apple Farm Rooms

After lunch, we checked into our room at the Apple Farm. SO cute!

Shower at the Apple Farm

We relaxed and watched football for a bit, and the hubby fell asleep. I went exploring our room (we hadn’t stayed in this one yet) and just HAD to get a photo of this crazy shower for the blog. Haha!

Paige Schmidt, HC

I literally sat on the shower floor to take this photo. Proof 😉

Fig Burger at Eureka

When the Hubby woke up we walked around Downtown and landed at Eureka! for dinner. I ordered a fig Burger. Oh me, oh my! Fig with goat cheese & meat. Heaven. This baby was piled high with arugula, too. So good!


Blueberry Scone

Monday we woke up around 9:00 and cozied around in bed until 10:00. I finished the last of my Bible Study and M watched a morning TV show. He loves to watch TV on vacation because we don’t have TV at home 🙂

After I dropped M off (appointment) I went to Starbucks to work for a few hours. I got exactly what my body wanted. A blueberry scone with black coffee. I ate this first before starting work with no distractions (just like I eat my other meals).

Work from Anywhere

After my scone I got to work. Still had lot’s o’ coffee left 🙂

Numbers Daily Schedule

I just have to show you this… Ah! Remember my Calendar I showed you a few days ago? A Client made one for herself while she planned a special “stay cation”! She shared this with me. So pretty!

By the way, so many of you asked. I used Numbers for Apple. Basically, it’s the Apple version of Excel. They have a pre-made template for “Daily Schedule.” 

Burrito Bowl

When Marco was done with his appointment, we grabbed lunch at Chipotle before driving home. I got a burrito bowl with brown rice, black beans, veggies, lettuce, pico de gallo, and guacamole. I also shared a few chips & guac with my Husband.

Bible Study Group

Upon arriving back in Ventura (3 hours after lunch) M dropped me off at my Bible Study.

Bible Study Snacks

Snacks of the night were chips/crackers & dip. I had a few of each.

Dinner at Home

We didn’t eat dinner until 8:00, but it was perfect timing since our entire eating schedule was a little late yesterday 🙂

I made us shrimp stir-fry with homemade fried rice and sautéed cabbage. So yummy!


To end the night, a sweet crispy apple while cuddled up on the couch watching “About A Boy” with my Hubby. This is on Netflix, and is incredibly cute!

Stay with me through the week as I update you on more new happenings!

Love, your Coach Paige

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