Late Night Eating

Maybe you don’t need to focus so much on stopping your late night eating.

You’re probably thinking… “What?!”


Late night eating as we all know can be so hard. So many of us Google “how to stop late night eating.”

We are trying so hard to stop something that we didn’t decide to start in the first place. I’m sure you didn’t write in your Planner this morning “late night eating session scheduled for 10:59pm.”

So if we don’t decide to eat late at night, then what’s the problem?

Maybe don’t need to stop late night eating, we just need to do it differently.


I’ve been a regular late night eater before. I used to be the person that would google “how to stop late night eating.” By the way, this never helped me. I still always ate late at night, and it continued to frustrated me.


The change didn’t happen until I started to enjoy what I was eating.. You see, the problem with late night eating is that it’s never enjoyed. It’s always looked at as a shameful act, and we punish ourselves for it. We try to get it done as quickly as possible. We stand in front of the fridge, we pull out the chips and salsa and eat them out of the containers. We eat in front of the TV, our iPad, laptops, iPhones… you name it! We eat distracted, and we don’t enjoy what we’re eating, therefore, we overeat and feel guilty.

What do you think would happen if instead of trying to STOP your late night eating, you instead tried to change the way you did it? Just for 2 weeks. What do you think would happen?

Your new guidelines for late night eating:

  • Ask yourself what really sounds good
  • Put it on a plate
  • Sit at the table, and eat with zero distractions
  • Clean up after yourself – wash your dishes, and put them away
  • When you’re done with your snack, go up to bed, brush your teeth, and fall asleep

I am guessing that you won’t feel so guilty when you do this. Also, by allowing yourself to eat if you want something, you’re taking away that serious need in your mind telling you to eat everything in site as fast as you can.


With all of this being said, I am aware that something there is a very emotional attachment to food. Sometimes when our emotions overwhelm us, we feel like food is the only thing that can give us a break from feeling bad. This is a whole different area that needs to be addressed. When we’re feeling really sad, overwhemled, or frustrated, food is not the answer. There is something else in ourselves that we need to be paying attention to. You can look at this as a nasty habit that’s not helping you. Look at your mood when you’re about to set up a late night snack. Have you just heard bad news? Had a hard time with your kids? Have you just become upset? Was there something negetive that triggered your desire for food? Try to change this habit by making a list of non-food things that you could do to nurture yourself like:

  • Taking a bubble bath, or shower
  • Asking a loved one for a massage
  • Writing someone a thank you card
  • Practicing positive affirmations
  • Praying
  • Writing in your journal
  • Laying on the floor and taking deep breaths
  • Stretching
  • Make your own list of things that help you to calm down ♡


Who is going to try and eat differently late at night?


Love, Paige

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