Leaving Behind an Old Identity

If you are a woman who CARES about feeling your best and loving the way you show up each day, this blog post is for you. Become the wife, woman, mom, business owner, etc. that you want to be and get inspired to make a change and admit something needs to change.

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Admitting “This is not working,” is SO admirable. It is brave, strong and leads to a better life.

Is something feeling off in your relationships with:

Food? Money? Friends? Time? Body image? Workouts? Social media? Your spouse? Your job? Hobbies?

What are you currently doing in a life area (maybe one of the ones above, maybe another one not listed) that you wish you didn’t? What do you wish you were doing in that life area instead?

Sometimes we can get frustrated with ourselves. “I want to show up in xyz way and yet I don’t! I know what I want, but I keep doing the opposite. Gah!”

I believe that as humans, we are pulled towards the easy choice. And though staying the same is the easy choice, it’s not always the most enjoyable choice.

There are two types of hard in life: The hard of staying the same and the hard of making changes.

It’s so helpful to remind your today self that the hard of making changes will be worth it come tomorrow and each tomorrow after that. No, change doesn’t happen overnight, but each day you choose something different, show up with borrowed thoughts and actions from your desired future self, you ARE in the process of stepping into a better life. The work has ALREADY begun and results WILL follow.

Do today what you’ll thank yourself tomorrow for doing.

Give your future self a gift by choosing hard things that will make her life a higher quality.

So if the first thing to do to swap an old identity for a new one is being willing to do hard things, what is the second step?

Getting support.

Anyone who can have a life coach, should. Support is key to rewire your brain and let go of unhelpful mindsets within.

You don’t accidently become the woman you want to be. It happens with great intentionality and the support of someone who has walked the road to healing before you and can show you the way.

Think of it as healing a relationship, regardless of what life area you want change in. You wouldn’t expect someone journeying through alcoholism healing to do it alone and be successful, so why should any life area be different? We were made for community and to ask for help! Show yourself you are serious by choosing to invest in yourself (and your future!) by reaching out for help today, from me or someone else.

Your future self will thank you!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What may be holding you back from changing where you want to see change
  • Why support is key to see results
  • What to do when you know in your heart something needs to shift

Mentioned in this Episode:

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