Leaving for Vacation!

Hi everyone!

It’s Saturday night, and I’ve just finished packing for Catalina 🙂

So many vacations this Summer! Stay up to date on my facebook page and my instagram


Leaving for vacation

6:00 coffee + almond milk

8:00 apple sauce


Leaving for vacation 2

10:30 Green Smoothie

Leaving for vacation 3

11:00 coffee at the bank. Wow, this machine was incredible! You could pretty much get anything you wanted from cappuccino, to hot chocolate, to white chocolate mocha… and so much more… can I switch banks? 😉

Leaving for vacation 4

1:30 sala-rrito stuffed with tons of veggies and italian dressing. Just mix it all together in a bowl, and wrap inside your favorite tortilla. This one is a spinach tortilla 🙂

Leaving for vacation chocolates

Petite treat: dove dark chocolate

Leaving for vacation Dove quote

OKAY, I know this is cheesy… but I thought it was cute 🙂

My wrapper said “Think of something that makes you smile.” and then Marco opened his and it said “Smile.” It made me happy 🙂

Leaving for vacation dinner

7:30 tofu, black beans, broccoli, and avocado. Yum! Such a good combo!!

Leaving for vacation hot chocolate

10:00 a way too late dessert! I know better! When I eat dessert so late, I cannot sleep!

I had dark chocolate almond milk + a coconut macaroon. It’s taking me forever to finish these!

Leaving for vacation coconut macaroon


Leaving for vacation larabar

7:00 coffee + almond milk & honey

8:15 coconut LARABAR

8:30 STEP II @ GYM

Leaving for vacation eats

10:00 leftovers from the night before, with half a glass of dark chocolate almond milk

Leaving for vacation smoothie

12:00 green protein smoothie

Leaving for vacation nail polish

2:00 snacked on a little bowl of olive oil + sea salt popcorn with Harper while doing nails

Leaving for vacation ritz crackers

4:00 snacked on a few organic PB crackers with Kampbell while playing outside

Leaving for vacation picnic

6:00 Anniversary BBQ

I got broccoli, carrots, salad, fruit, a slice of garlic bread (which I gave most of to Marco), and a small spoonful of macaroni/rice pilaf to taste

Leaving for vacation dessert

And dessert 🙂 Oat flour chocolate chip cookie with a scoop of ice cream

Leaving for vacation dinner 2

Later in the evening after leaving the party, Marco and I went to my parents house to do laundry. I wanted to get it out of the way before vacation so I could have a (mostly) free Saturday. While there, I had a little bowl of pesto pasta.

Okay, so, that’s it! Todays eats were Coconut LARABAR, part of a tamale, green smoothie, and a garden burger, which I just posted on my instagram 🙂

Not sure when I’ll be back. I have two vacations the next couple of weeks, and then a weekend of family reunioning. Can I use that word? 🙂

Anyways, stay in touch VIA instagram & facebook! Hope you are all enjoying your Summer!! I’m off to Catalina!


Love, Paige

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