Lemonade Westlake


Yesterday for breakfast I had a Green Smoothie while I was one the phone with my Health Coach

photo 1

After the meeting, I met my friend Jade (Hi Jade!!!) at Starbucks for Coffee. Mmm Soy Latte’s…. You’re my biggest craving at the moment…. Chips are out here! 😉


After Coffee, I came home and had a Salad before my next Coaching Session with a Client

I love being a Health Coach! What a rewarding job! This morning I got an email saying:

“You really have no idea how much you are helping me in just this short amount of time.”


After the Coaching Session, I had to head to my next job. I took a Larabar and Crunch Green Beans. Mmm!

photo 2

While I was there, the little once asked for a piece of pizza which was sitting out on the counter from lunch… I couldn’t help myself… I cut myself a small piece and tried to enjoy it best I could 😉

photo 3

After babysitting, I went out to Westlake to meet Kayla for dinner. I got there an hour early, so I went to Starbucks to do some work and blog. I got a China Green Tips Soy Misto Tea. Hehe, long name!

photo 5

At dinner, Kayla and I got a variety of things to share. And, blueberry mint lemonade! Mmm!

Pasta Salad…. Sandwhich… Kale Salad… Ahi Salad…. Butternut Squash Salad…. Deliciousness! Our sandwich tasted like the Holidays with cranberry and turkey inside 🙂

It was so fun getting to hangout with Miss Kayla! I missed her!


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