Let’s Chat, Shall We? Oh, and Share Daily Eat’s Too!

Good morning girls. Yaaaaawn. How’d you sleep?

The hubby went to the gym with me last night after he got off work around 8:30. By the time we got home, I was out like a light.

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Let’s chat about Health Coaching. I would love to take a minute to keep you in the loop.

This January I’ve kept my program full with the waiting list I started in December. Consultations have been constant and new girls are coming in as my precious ones are graduating. Finally Free was filmed and is now being developed, and I had a photoshoot for HHS with Amanda Driver. It’s all good.

Come February, I will be having another handful of girls graduating. Which MEANS, I’ll have openings.

So, two things you can do:

  1. For one on one coaching, jump on the coaching list and I’ll email you when my openings hit
  2. If you’re a group setting kinda gal, stay tuned for tomorrow when I share the details of my Group Program that’s starting February 9th (there’s an early bird special starting tomorrow, so get here if this interests you!)

Thanks for letting me keep you in the loop 🙂

Now I’ll share my Daily Eats from Wednesday:

eggs and toast

Breakfast was two eggs & two pieces of toast

chicken picatta

I kinda split lunch in two…I was hungry but short on time at about 11:40, so I had this little pile of pasta.

hummus:cheese quesadilla

Around 2:30, I made this quesadilla with an olive wheat wrap, mexican blend cheese, hummus, and salsa verde. I also had a simple salad on the side. By the way… hummus is always a good idea on quesadillas – yum!

chicken picatta women's day recipe


Dinner was a full meal of pasta. This pasta is SO light & fresh tasting. I got the recipe from Marco’s grandma, Cheryl. Women’s Day mag calls this Chicken Picatta… To me, it doesn’t taste like Chicken Picatta… It tastes like a very light, fresh, lemon-y pasta that I would definitely make again. NOTE, I used brown rice pasta to make this g-free.

I don’t know… How about your try it and tell me what you think! Either way, it tastes good 🙂 

I think having Chicken Picatta at 71 Palms last weekend ruined me for life. It was THE ABSOLUTE BEST. If you’re from Ventura, plan a date this weekend.

71 palms chicken picatta

Here’s a photo of it. Just YUM.

banana and peanut butter

Like I said, Marco and I went to the gym super late (9:00). So, I snacked on this banana & half of this PB with warm water first (I was chilllllllllly!).

Alright everyone. Come back tomorrow to see about that Group Program! I would love some long-time readers to join in. How fun would that be? 🙂

xo, your coach


P.S. if you like free things check out this promo that I joined! (psssssst….my eBook is in there and there’s only one day left)

Love, Paige

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