Let’s Talk Body Image

Let's Talk Body Image

Hello! We are going into the third week of being parents to Miss Selah and everything is so good. We are so full, and being a mama to Selah is exactly what I had hoped for. Nurturing her and loving her has been so so good. Even at just three weeks old, she is more awake, and we are getting to see little smiles from her!

This week on the podcast, I am talking about body image, and more specifically body judgment. Body judgements are the thoughts/opinions that we have about our body. The things that we say out loud about our body. The way we see our body.

I want to point out that we will have body judgments about ourselves no matter what our body size is. If you are saying you want to have a better body image, recognize and remind yourself that it doesn’t mean that you need to do something or change anything about your body first. The thoughts you begin with are the thoughts that you end with. Listen to that podcast episode here to learn more about that!

I can speak from experience that losing weight actually led to me having a worse body image than I had at a heavier weight. The more weight I lost, the more my identity became wrapped around looking thin, losing weight, and fitting into new clothes. With that new identity came even more negative thoughts about my body, and it became more consuming than before. If your thoughts about your body are negative when you begin losing weight, your thoughts will still be negative when you reach your “goal weight”.

In the podcast episode, I go through all of the steps I took to change my judgments about my body. The first step that I committed to was to stop saying negative things about my body out loud in privacy or around friends and family. I turned the volume down on those negative thoughts and I turned the volume up on neutral or positive thoughts out loud.

Another thing I have noticed in my journey has been that my body image is best when I am taking care of myself. When I am being kind to myself. Listening to what feels good. Asking my body what she needs and what she is craving. Moving my body. Taking care of my mental health. When I know I am taking care of my body and tuning into what she needs, it is so much easier to have a positive body image (because it’s easier to let go of control – I can trust that if I’m taking care of myself, my body will decide the best weight/size for her from that place).

To hear the steps I took to change my body image and how I take care of myself daily to keep my thoughts neutral or positive, listen to the episode and have your journal ready! What can you start doing today to take care of your body and improve your body image?

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